GREAT BILLBOARD…while it lasted

MINNESOTASTAN: A billboard that targeted Catholic Charities for resettling Muslim refugees was taken down Wednesday, just days after it was installed in St. Joseph Township in Stearns County.


Star Tribune  The sign, which read “Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?” was apparently paid for by an individual who hired Franklin Outdoor Advertising to post it along a highway a few miles west of St. Cloud, where Somali immigrants have been targeted by anti-Muslim groups.

The message on the St. Joseph Township billboard was posted amid a string of incidents highlighting the frictions between St. Cloud’s growing Somali population and some of the city’s longtime residents.


A spokesman for Catholic Charities in St. Cloud said the office reached out to the advertising firm after an employee spotted the billboard to notify the firm that the office isn’t involved with refugee resettlements.

Oh, really? Technically that particular office might not be involved but Catholic Charities is heavily involved. Check out the link below:

Catholic Charities heavily involved in Muslim refugee resettlement in America