Why are two Muslim women stalking Jewish synagogues in Miami?

South Florida’s Jewish community is understandably on edge over the odd behavior of two women wearing Muslim headbags and asking multiple questions at Jewish houses of worship.

WSVN  The two women, wearing hijabs, approached a man sitting outside the sanctuary and asked him a variety of questions. “The question basically was, ‘What are the lecture times here and when do people come for lectures?'” said Shy Zimor. “It was very odd. They actually, eventually, conveyed that to me, that they were Muslim.”

Zimor thought it was strange, especially when one of the women pulled out a Quran. “I explained the similarities, that Arabic is also written from right to left,” he said.

According to the police report incident report, the women asked, “Did you have services already?” and “when are you saying Yiskor?” Yiskor is a prayer for the dead. (Yiskor is not a term that would be known by anyone but Jews)

How did these two get in without going through security?
How did these two Muslims, one carrying a black bag, get into a synagogue without going through security?

Surveillance video footage inside synagogue the shows Zimor following the women outside the temple as they left, where he called security, even though no crime was committed. “I was trying to understand the purpose of all this,” he said. “The purpose of the engagement, the purpose of the content of the conversation.”

The same women were at the synagogue the previous Friday where they also asked questions of congregants.

North Miami Beach Police released a statement which read, “At this point, we don’t believe there is a public safety threat.” (Of course not, not until after a bomb goes off in one of the synagogues) Rabbi Yona Lunger said that the community cannot let its guard down. “We gotta be vigilant, we can’t be vigilantes,” he said.

A similar incident happened at another synagogue and authorities are still investigating that situation. However, they believe that this woman was just seeking out different religions with her mother.