CALAIS: Truck drivers are paying the price for socialist governments that won’t jail/deport the Muslim savages


Muslim illegal aliens flock to Calais, France with the goal of stowing away on a truck headed for the UK, where the welfare system is better.  Muslim thugs break the locks and/or threaten the drivers with knives. When trucks arrive in the UK, for every illegal found stowed away in the truck, drivers are charged a £2,000 fine for each.


Many drivers are now driving almost 100 extra miles into Holland to use other ports because they are “terrified for their lives” driving into Calais.


“The Muslim illegals’ goal is just to get to the UK irrespective of what damage, or damage to persons, vehicles, property they cause, it doesn’t matter. Trucker Michael Pearson said: “A group of maybe 20 or 30 people, crowbar in hand, broke the padlock off the truck in front, broke the [security] seal and opened the doors. “I’m in fear of my life and I’m not by myself on this, several of my colleagues also spoke about that.