TURKEY, aided and abetted by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, plans to annex part of Syria

“Turkish forces are already in Syria,” according to unconfirmed reports that Ankara allowed approximately 100 Turkish soldiers or mercenaries to cross into Syria in order to support jihadist rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

Şehit Piyade Kurmay Yarbay İlker Çelikcan operasyonu

Sputnik News  “The forthcoming planned invasion of Syria” by Turkish and Saudi ground forces, according to the geopolitical analyst Professor Michel Chossudovsky, was discussed at the NATO headquarters on the same day a ceasefire agreement was reached at the Munich security conference.  Turkish and Saudi representatives were present at Friday’s meeting, which was chaired by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

The new development in this context, according to the analyst, is “the fact that Saudi Arabia at the request of the United States would be involved in ground operations under the false pretext of going after ISIS fighters, which happen to be supported, recruited and funded by Saudi Arabia.”

Saudi Special Forces
Saudi Special Forces

Riyadh “is acting on the behalf of the United States. In effect, this means that US-supported forces would be inside Syria if this process goes ahead,” Chossudovsky observed. For its part, Turkey “is not a 100-percent proxy of the United States. It has its own agenda. … It wants to annex part of Syrian territory.”

Saudi officials made headlines earlier this month by confirming that Riyadh was ready to send conventional ground forces or special operations troops to Syria should the US-led coalition opt for this scenario. The operation, if launched, will ostensibly be aimed against ISIS, but many say that the oil kingdom in fact wants to prop Islamic radicals up.