FRANCE: Group of Muslim thugs chase police car out of NO-GO Zone in Amiens

For more than 20 years, the northern suburbs of Amiens has been a hotbed of urban violence, a Muslim “NO-GO zone of lawlessness.” It’s an area where you can not order a pizza, where you can not bring an ambulance. Working in the northern district of Amiens is very dangerous, especially for police. 


From Le Figaro At last count, there were a total of 751 Sensitive Urban ‘NO-GO’ Zones, in which an estimated five million Muslims live — areas of France over which the French state has lost control.


The crime-infested districts, which the French Interior Ministry has designated as Priority Security Zones include heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens, where Muslim youths recently went on a two-day arson rampage that caused extensive property damage and injured more than a dozen police officers.

Apparently, a plan was put forth about a year ago, by the French government to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country’s so-called “no-go” zones.