MISSOURI: Muslim woman charged with threatening FBI, military members on ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts

38-year-old Safya Yassin is in the Greene County Jail after the FBI says she made threats over the internet. The FBI has been following and investigating Yassin’s threat since it got a tip nearly 13 months ago.


KY3  “Safya Roe Yassin, 38, of Buffalo, was charged on Thursday with communicating threats of violence over the Internet.   Yassin, a U.S. citizen, was charged in a federal criminal complaint that was filed under seal in the U.S. District Court in Springfield on Wednesday.

“On August 24, 2015, and under the banner ‘We are the hackers of the Islamic State,’ Yassin retweeted the personal identifiable information of two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents with the statement ‘Wanted to kill,'” according to an FBI agent in a court document. One of her tweet threats here:


“Numerous other tweets and retweets posted by Yassin . . . include:

(a) a link containing photographs, addresses, other contact information, and even credit card information of United States Army, Navy and State Department employees (1 29); (b) a Tweet that a media personality “would be better off without her head” (l) 33); and, (c) a link in a retweet that lists the town of residence and phone number for approximately 150 United States Air Force personnel with the following quote: ‘Rejoice, O supporters of the Caliphate State, with the dissemination of the information to be delivered to lone wolves,’ God said: ‘And slay them wherever you may come upon them.'”


“According to the complainant [a Facebook friend], recently Yassin had become convinced that ISIS is going to save the world and Yassin was trying to rally support for ISIS. Yassin told the complainant that he/she would go to hell if he/she did not divorce his/her non-Muslim spouse and get rid of his/her dogs and all of his/her non-Muslim friends. Yassin also said to the complainant that he/she would go to hell for his/her beliefs in God.