How the Islamic State (ISIS) is eliminating future Islamic terrorist breeders, not to mention junior jihadis posing as refugees as they are invading Europe

childbomber-457896ISIS use of child soldiers for suicide missions is skyrocketing, sending children, as young as 12, to their deaths at unprecedented rates. There were three times as many child suicide bombers this year than the previous and the numbers are accelerating by the month.


RT  Some two-thirds of the children were aged 12-16 years old. The overall rate of under-18s has doubled in that period as well. Of the 89 deaths in the studied period, 39 percent drove suicide vehicles, while another 33 were used as foot soldiers.

Others died either as propagandists or in mass casualties attacks, while a sizeable 18 percent died in so-called ‘inghimasi’ attacks, where a small group attacks enemy positions with light weapons, before blowing themselves up with explosives.


Of those killed in the studied period, 31 percent were Syrian, 25 of mixed Syrian-Iraqi descent and 11 percent Iraqi. And the remainder are a mix from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria and also the UK, France and Australia.

ONLY with ISIS do you see children being used not as a last resort – to replenish ranks – or in special operations, but as standard practice. Their age is “almost an incidental fact.”


“The data suggests that Islamic State is not recruiting them to replace lost manpower… and they are not engaging in roles in which they have a comparative advantage over the adults. On the contrary, in most cases, children and youth are dying in the same circumstances as adults.

Additionally, existing research argues that children and youth will be used more to attack civilian targets among whom they can blend in better.”