SWEDENSTAN hires luxury cruise liner with theatre, gym, and swimming pool to house 2,000 Muslim freeloaders at a cost of £65,000 ($92,000) per day

3150A56B00000578-0-image-m-24_1455715703358Wanna bet the homeless in Sweden are still sleeping in the streets? Thousands of Muslims are being given rooms aboard a luxury ocean liner which comes complete with a theatre and swimming pool because Sweden can no longer cope with the numbers arriving at its borders every week. And look how the ‘refugees’ show their gratitude to the good people of Sweden:


UK Daily Mail  Sweden’s Migration Board is renting the Ocean Gala – once the world’s largest cruise liner where holidaymakers pay £2,500 for a two-week break – for at least the next year at the eye-watering cost of of £65,000 a day.

When the giant cruise ship is full it will provide bed and board for 1,790 migrants – about the number arriving in the country every single day at the height of the crisis.


A spokesman said:  ‘Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.’ (Encouragement? How about encouraging them to leave?)


However, at that cost they will not enjoy the same luxuries afforded those who paid as much as £2,500 for a two-week cruise during the ships previous incarnation as the Island Escape, then owned by Thomson Cruises.


The 768 cabins on the 623-foot ship, which range from smartly turned out but snug doubles, to expansive suites with private dining areas and balconies, was then a haven for those in search of entertainment, sunbathing and sightseeing.


But those who make it their home in the next year will not be treated to all the extras holidaymakers who floated around the Med were used to enjoying, including a casino, outdoor pool and even a beauty salon. 


In fact, if the Swedish Migration Board is successful in finding a spot in the northern port of Härnösand, where temperatures are currently firmly below freezing. (Awwww, they’ll have to use the indoor pool instead of the outdoor now)


Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organization was ‘thinking outside the box’. ‘Those who are going to stay in the boat will of course be a bit cramped in the cabins, so it is really important that we arrange for them to have large common areas outside,’ he told MailOnline. (Of course, can’t have your future welfare dependents feeling a bit cramped, now can we?)


Mr Åberg revealed the Migration Board, which has been open about its struggles to house the Muslim invaders arriving in Sweden, even setting up tents in the middle of winter, came up with the idea of the floating asylum centre a number of years ago – but had never had cause to use it, before now.