IRAQI Muslims have fun torturing a poor emaciated-looking donkey (Viewer Discretion Advised)

The badly abused animal is obviously too weak to even land a good swift kick at the human scum.



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  1. I understand those feelings, Bonni.I am also overwhelmed with hatred for obama and hillary!! I wish they both knew how much I HATE them!! The problem is, it’s hurting me, NOT them!! 🙂

  2. F😈ckig wtf 😈.

    It’s a baby donkey😢 donkey.
    I am furious. I can imagine to torture a sadist muslim lije this pyschopats.

    I wish I had just only 3 minutes with this cowards. I hate muslims and Afrikans sooooooo much. So much. I am boiling with anger.
    Poor baby.
    Revange will come.
    Something big is goung to happen in 2016.

  3. These sub humans do not deserve to live among us.

    Poor donkey. I wish I could save all the poor animals out of The middle east.
    I support Brooks Hospital for animals.
    They helping sweet donkeys and horses in the middle east.

    Evil has a religion and mostly a colour. Islam😈

    Why is loving and rescue ing animals a western (mostly 99%) White race thing?

    Check this how we do things in the free west!!

    • Walmart in Florida has hired Muslims to kill slowly animals for halah food to be sold at Walmart for Florida Muslims. Sick. Just sick. Walmart is a traitor. Boycott Walmart!

  4. Off topic, but heads up Brits! Your PM Cameron just hired Jim Messina as senior strategic advisor for his campaign to keep Britain in the EU. It’s only costing you €369,000! Messina , WH Deputy chief of staff for operations and o’asshat’s campaign manager in 2012. He’s now currently co-chair of Hitlery Clinton’s super PAC. Also, Tara Corrigan, another of our moslem in chief’s campaign advisors. Same team that effed up Canada by working with trudeau. I heard their pay is also coming out of public funds. Just wonder why our own traitor in DC is sending his moslem loving Marxist promoting daemons to destroy your country!! Be very careful. Look what they’ve managed to do to our country and to our northern neighbors. If they are there, that can only mean one thing. Promotion of Islam and DEATH to your beautiful culture. If they are for it, you should be against it!! Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

  5. I don’t watch videos like that, I can feel all their suffering and fear in my soul. I love animals with all my heart and would do everything to protect them. Any evil monster causing harm to animals – better be sure that the payback arrives sooner or later and much, much worse than you could ever imagine. Karma is merciless !

    • Me too. Makes me wish that one of them*would* start some s–t with me so that I would have an excuse to hurt them very very badly!!

      • Listen to your brothers. Try to stay out of trouble! (As an “old man”, which of course means any guy over 30, I feel a bit obligated to try to keep the younger folks out of trouble.)

  6. It is amazing that people follow the teachings of an inhumane pedophile, then become exactly what he taught. Inhumane pedophiles. And we stand idly by while they practice these insane teachings, and believe them when they say they are a peaceful religion. Are we completely stupid or what?

  7. You can judge how a culture will treat its own people or others by how it treats its animals. Too bad the donkey was too young or the fucker would have kicked the mook in the balls.

    • …but keep posting them to remind us and any newcomers to the site that we are dealing with the nastiest sub-human species on the planet. The only things today that I could kill with no conscience bothering me are mosquitoes, flies, maybe some wasps, but even they have their uses, and Muslims.

      • bnifan, I think I could become a murderer if I witnessed this in person. I post these videos because the images stick in people’s minds long after they’ve forgotten the talking points about muslims.

        • As much as I hate seeing animal cruelty, we need to bear witness to their abuse. They went through it so the least we could do is watch and pray and spread so as many people are aware. I absolutely hate this. It hurts my very core.

        • I can’t watch these videos, but I feel the same way, Bonni. God can do ANYTHING. HE somehow gave me the ability, years ago, to forgive someone, whose actions ultimately led to my older daughter’s death. If God hadn’t done that, I would be in prison now, because I would have killed him. After forgiving this person, I would still struggle with feelings of hatred. There is a difference between forgiveness and hatred. This person asked for forgiveness. These people do not. The hatred I feel for these people is overwhelming.

        • Bonni
          As far as loving and forgiving your enemy goes. That saying has been screwed up long age. What actually happens is you Bless your enemy and now GOD cleans the house. I have witnessed several people die, very quickly after a confrontation with them as I said, to GOD. Please Clear, Bless and Protect and Heal this Idiot. Within a few hours they no longer were able to assault anyone else. They were dead.
          So Bonni its not so bad when you realize he takes the burden off you and he does what is necessary. OLD and NEW both are spot on.


        • We live by His mifhty GRACE.
          So, Lord Jesus said”it is finished”.
          “Not by workes we’re saved,but by His Grace.

          As believers, we must use voilance in a proper perspectief.
          Yes, I am allowed to use voilence to protect myself, my familie, my pets, house and my country.
          Yes indeed. That means also use voilence and kill if a filty pyscho muzzle is killing and torturing God ‘s love ones.

          I would not doubt for a second to beat up (first) and kill this demon possed sub humans.

  8. WOW, what filthy, low life pieces of human shit. Fucking losers! God will punish these assholes. Poor little donkey. All these poor animals do is work their entire lives and they abuse them for fun. How could anyone laugh at that? I pray for all animals in muslim infested countries. Please Jesus help these poor animals.