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  1. No, it’s Dead on Arrival because the MB doesn’t meet the U.S. legal requirements to be named to the FTO list….MB doesn’t engage in terrorism vs the U.S., U.S. citizens, or pose a terrorist threat to U.S. national security. Actually, its threat is far deadlier: the MB is both jihadist & subversive. But that’s not how the law’s written – so until Congress changes it or passes legislation to create a new list – like Hostile Foreign Power – that encompasses subversion as well as terrorism, we’re stuck w/the current FTO list law:


  2. No DEM would pass this. period. Muslims are the new darling demographic of the far left, as shockingly hypocritical as that is, considering the racist, sexist, anti-gay and brutally violent tenants of Islam. The left are beginning to see the loyalty of other minority groups falter and now they’ll need to pump the US full of new voters to pander to if they want to keep power. NY, CA and a few other states are hopelessly BLUE but they can’t get and keep the country with just a few power centers, as TRUMP will soon prove. Enter Islam which offers exponentially more future voters, with polygamous families producing massive litters, and stunningly wealthy and generous foreign donors, provided that the pro-Islamic hijra/caliphate agenda gets vigilantly carried by DEM’s in DC. But if modern liberal Democrats are good at one thing it’s selling out Americans for their own gain. Progressive social justice championed by the left? The world is in the midst of seeing that for what it is, one of the most twisted lies ever told.

    • He NEVER WILL. He made that perfectly clear years ago. We should have known this was going to happen but, as someone else mentioned, his voters were all for him for the “free stuff”. Personal greed over rode common sense and personal dignity. Alas, the results. (I can’t wait for their EBT cards to fail…lmfao!)

  3. My exact words! I actually watched the committee and every demoncrap voted no for MB TO BE DESIGNATED! It will never pass.. Why does that foolish man waste his time?! ( goodlatte) like he just realized this yesterday that state Dept hasn’t designated the foul terrorist a terror group?!? Cmon! These are the mullah’s butt buddies the MB and this is DOA!

  4. Question :
    Before you were able to pull up this part of the site, did you have to go lthrough a red screen that warned you away from a
    “Deceptive” site ?
    This has to be the work of filthy, lying muslims again. I have heard this information before,and while I have seen no hard proof, I don’t doubt that it can be true.
    it is anything but “deceptive” !
    So, you cowardly, litttle boy raping, lying mucking fuslims,
    we can recognize your smelly tracks again.

    Obama is an admitted muslim. Valerie, as his #1 adviser, was born in the dung heap of Iran and has a mother and father who are high in the organization of the muslim brotherhood.

    Deceptive web site ? Or more lying mucking fuslims ?

    • I experienced this same thing last night, sob, but it’s ok this morning. I reported it to Bonni – she knows about it.
      I’m afraid that, as thing get hotter, we may not be able to continue as we are. The first thing to seize control of, in any war, is communications. Then arms; then dissidents; then logistics. Does anyone else see the pattern or is it just me…?

      • No, sir, it isn’t just you. Unfortunately, the people who are aware, are, I believe, in the minority. So, we have to figure out a way to get the word out. About 20 minutes away from my house, there is a GIGANTIC mosque. If I had money, I would have a billboard put up, close to where it is, with pictures of some of the horrific things muslims do. Along with some verses of the koran that state these things are encouraged. If you have ANY ideas of HOW we can open people’s eyes, please let everyone know. I would do anything, to wake people up to their SINISTER agenda.

        • I’ve suggested this many times before; Make up business cards with quranic quotes and a link to BNI and drop them on store shelves as you shop. Post them on bulletin boards and pass them to anyone you overhear talking about ANYTHING having to do with the ME or islam.

          Once they ask questions, the door is open. Don’t go off on a tangent, though. Simply answer their questions calmly and with confidence. Tell them “if you want to know more, go here”, handing them a card.

          We need to do this passively or else you’ll get resistance and doubt. Make them even more curious about the subject. After all, it IS in their best interest.

        • Citizen Warrior site has several leaflets you can download and print out. We could leave these ( or make our own, complete with photos) and leave them in public bathrooms, book stores tucked inside books, in all kinds of stores especially Walmart, Target, big box stores, in pairs we could go to public places,where peop,e gather, like downtown, and hand out leaflets to people.

      • Dear Had, I came back to this post to see if you’d come up with any ideas to try to wake people up. You had. I like some of them. Having pamphlets made up and putting them in mailboxes, might be another way. However, if asked about islam, it would be difficult for me to Not go on a “rant”. As for “passivity”, being “passive” is NOT my nature. 🙂

        • DO NOT TOUCH A MAILBOX! This constitutes a FELONY and you WILL be imprisoned.

          As for “going on a rant”, I can’t help you there. When you travel in your vehicle, do you let go of the wheel and play cards or read the paper? I hope the answer is a resounding NO!

          You need to gain control of your emotions and allow LOGIC and COMMON SENSE to take over. A simple method is, when asked, take a deep breath, hand over a pamphlet or business card and say “please read or see for yourself” and walk away. If they insist on asking, just tell them you can’t talk due to the flu (sick people scare folks). They’ll back away, rest assured.

          BTW: Being “passive” does not just mean being “cowardly”. It also means you’re calm, cool and collected.

          Stay “frosty”, my friend! It goes a long way…

  5. I know this won’t happen, considering the number of traitors in congress, but Congress CAN adopt a resolution, even if vetoed, by a 2/3rds majority vote.
    If we only had “representatives” that represent us, right?

  6. Honorary member, for all the good that he has done in allah’s name by destroying the Great Satan. The FBI & CIA are all honorary members as well, as is the last 2 attorney generals.

  7. An almost identical 2014 Bill (into’d by Michelle Bachmann) failed to pass. The difference between the previous Bill and this one is; This Bill states that if it Is NOT approved, the criteria to designate the MB a terrorist group that was not met, MUST be provided.

    It should prove quite difficult for opponents of the bill to specifically note what criteria the MB does not meet to be a Terrorist organization.

  8. I thought that the USA is a democratic country. I lived under Islamic dictatorship for years. I have to say that I do not see a difference under the present ‘president’!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately when so many people are so easily manipulated it might as well not be. Many many people vote only to get free stuff for themselves and that’s it. I think it was Plato who pointed out this problem with democracy, but I can’t find a good reference.

      • This probably isn’t the Plato you were thinking of but, it’s a good message.

        Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehood’s school and the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool. Plato

  9. Support this bill at every opportunity. Encourage your Representatives to do the same. Rep. John Mica (R-FL) just signed on as a co sponsor last week.

    This Bill will give the FBI and Treasury Department the tools and authority to shut down every Muslim Brotherhood franchise operating in America without one shot ever being fired.

    Get it passed this session – and if not next session, and the next session after that. Support those Politicians who took a personal stand for America’s National Security – give them $$ if you can or at the very least a phone call of support.

    I can’t stress how important this bill is to America’s National Security Interests.

    Thank You

  10. We, We the people, know all about the Muslim Brotherhood, but Washington D.C. couldn’t find their own ass with a map and a flashlight.

    • Here’s a thought, Christine….how about building a wall around DC while the Mexican wall is in progress? It’s only 10 square miles and should go up in no time. After all, doesn’t every ZOO have barriers?

      As for the funding, the dems misappropriate funds all the time – why can’t Trump? For that matter, I think the good people of this country would GLADLY approve…lol