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  1. yeah yeah yeah. try to say your normal and like everybody else. trouble is your not and normal is a cycle on a washing machine.

  2. Alternative title for this article: “Muslim women wearing bags on their head automatically convince us that they are no different from trashbags anywhere”

  3. OH, yes they are so open minded. Open minded to clitorectomies and sex slavery. Open minded to murdering the infidel to further their disgusting cult. But ask them to show a little bit of hair or something and oh no that is haram. Stfu Muslim bitches. You are nothing more than Muslim whores.

    • Yes… Exactly. They support an ideology of sex slavery, clitoris removal, raping infidels, etc. Yet they think they are so modest, chaste, and superior for wearing some cloth on their heads.

      I’m not buying it either. They’re worse than whores whether they wear a hijab or not. They’re like those crazy women who marry rapists and try to help their husband cover up his serial rape habits.

  4. Muslim women are worst then men.

    So much worse !! Don’t pitty them. Mosil women are breeding machines. 1 of 10 ‘moslim refugees’ here is PREGNANT !
    Even in Calais ‘ The Jungle’ moslim women given birth!!😨.


  6. I see these headbaggers all the time with their immense hatred for whites & their arrogant expression as if to say – “we’re taking over and can’t wait to see you suffer the full extent of our savagery”. They are like members of a gang where the women wear the colours of that gang and know that it provides them with protection by their bully men. They are proud of their colours / headbag because they know it gives them – in their own society – primacy over whites, even if they still are considered scum by their own male dominated society.

  7. My Son, today was talking to the principle of his daughters school and making it very clear that he will not permit any Islamic teaching to get to his children and he made the Gentleman promise to notify him if any such studies arise.
    All my children on alert again the mohommedist teachings brought in via the History and Math books written and distributed by Saudi Arabia, to Wahhabize the children of the USA.
    Enough is enough. My son spent 2 years in the mohommedist shit holes and the stories he tells will make your hair curl.

  8. Based on how feminists are acting, Maybe those bumper stickers that say “there is no excuse for violence against women” need to all be updated to say “there is no excuse for violence against women (except Islam)”.

  9. Especially those moslem woman living in saudi arabia, why just last year they were given the “privilege ” of riding a bicycle to work. The “manly men ” of the house of saud are still wrestling with the” privilege ” of allowing women to operate a car !!!???? The girls from the View, (especially whoopie) would “straighten ” those misogynist saudis out. ..
    You can find all of the “freedoms” that moslem women have have in The Catalog of deep sky objects in astronomy.

    Another manifestation of “freedom “in saudi arabia are the road signs approaching medina/makkah, “Warning : Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited from entering ” Central medina /makkah,the penalty is deportation from the country. Documentation will checked upon entry and anyone not showing proof of being muslim will be denied entry “.
    That is if they don’t stone you death first. !!!!

  10. Muslim men seems to fear comparisons, and most likely for good reasons, to other men from other countries or cultural
    backgrounds. Pathetic cockroaches!

  11. You know, the Islamic stance, is that Muslim men are superior to women because they work and support the women and children.
    SO….How can they explain away when men go to Western countries, and put themselves and their families on Welfare? In this case, the Man ISN’T supporting his family – he is, in fact a beggar.
    And in Islamic countries, where there is high unemployment rates, the men aren’t working, but SOMEONE is feeling the family. And I have a gut feeling that it is the women and children, by begging, prostitution, or stealing, that feed the father, as well as the entire family.
    So, IF many Muslim men cannot support their families, and their wives have to, shouldn’t that make the WIVES superior to the Men? And doesn’t that make the useless husbands unworthy to call themselves ‘MEN’?

    Just wondering.

    • Loved that. So perfectly correct as well. They are beggers and thieves psychologically regardless of their personal resources. In London, Harrods has a huge problem with shoplifting by wealthy Arabs.

  12. If they can “do anything I want” why don’t they try taking off their headbag in front of all those men that cannot control their sexual urges when they see a woman’s hair?

  13. I read I don’t remember where , that Angola banned Islam and are dismantling mosques, if that’s true , it’s the only way to exterminate the vermin from western countries.

  14. I wanted to comment, but you said it all, Bonnie, like usually. I am going to forward this to my church to warn our children AND SADELY SOME OF OUR GRWON UPS.

  15. My grandpa use to say to me, your hair is your crown and glory don’t get it cut. I’ve always been proud to show off my long fair hair. If you have got it flaunt it! Wear what you like. Muslim women have no freedom or respect from men. They look down on us and would like to convert us, over my dead body.! Be proud of your western culture!

  16. They are SO MUCH NOT the same as women from civilised countries. They are being totally controlled by their fathers, husbands, even brothers. They have NO real rights, just undisputable duties. In many islamic countries they are not allowed to go outside the home without male escorting them, they are prohibited from driving a car, they are being shot at for trying to get education, they have acid thrown at them for any disobedience, they are being body harmed because of some medieval rituals, they are forced into very young age and arranged marriages with violent, abusive and disguisting old males. They have to wear horrible clothes and cover full body even in the worst heat. They are being imprisoned in the houses, sometimes for years – even if they didn’t commit any “crime”, they are just punished as revenge ( check story of daughters of former king Abdullah from Saudi Arabia ). They are being humiliated, disrespected, raped – all the time and in many countries they are the ones to be thrown into prison – in best case or stoned to death for being rape victim which is treated as “sex outside of marriage” – convenient excuse invented by perverted rapists. They can not even have a kiss on the cheek in public – as it is considered indecent behaviour. Women are being accussed of everything that suits men, they are never believed and their word means nothing compared to word of a man – even when there were many witnesses. They are treated unequally after divorce and receive much less than a husband. Men can divorce them by repeating this loud three times. Muslim women are being opressed and at the same time being convinced by society it’s all the best for them and that’s the right way of following Islam – many rules made up as it suits by perverted evil clerics. So NO – thank you very much, I would preffer to die than live this way ! Let’s do everything we can, not to allow that evil dark ages culture to sneak into our civilised lives of equality, love, respect, humanity, great family values, education available to anyone who wants to achieve something better in life, social justice and right to defence, happy life with chosen person, freedom of living your life the way YOU wish, love and care towards animals, right to better and peaceful future for us and next generations. It’s OUR CHOICE which path we are going to follow !

  17. What more can you expect from a race of people that have an average IQ of 50 – 60, caused by centuries of inbreeding by having children with first cousins. Add to that the constant banging of their heads during payer and learning creating long term brain damage. Best they all be gathered up and sent back to the sewer they call a home country. Let them live in the 12th century they seem to enjoy.

  18. It’s like Trump says, these women don’t want freedom and they like it. I see enough of these women daily in different gyms I visit in Houston Tx. They are sporting the head covering almost arrogantly yet are showing the hypocrite they are as well. They are in a gym, un-escorted by a man as required in their beliefs, alone. They are over half the time wearing tight, western style clothes on the bottom part of their body. Also they drive a car alone which I see daily by countless muslim women. Breaking their own rules again. I even have seen these women’s-lib pro-burka pro-hijab bumper stickers on their cars in the south west side of town I swear to God. These stickers boast about their choice to wear it and not a man’s. Yet they seem to eagerly indulge in the other western freedom’s to their convenience. Far out huh? People need to start questioning these people and calling them out.

    • They’re sociopaths. Calling them out has no effect, unless it makes you feel better. Just educate yourself, family, friends, coworkers, etc.

    • Maybe someone should print up some bumper stickers that say “there is no excuse for violence against women (except Islam)” and give them a free decal job.

  19. they sure look like free women to me, and the same as every other woman in the world. in fact… i dont even know if these women were muslim or not.

    oh thats right, they’d be genitally mutilated of course. that’s it. we’ll have to ask for a look at their @#$@#$ so we can know if their muslim or not ! otherwise we’d never know. free open happy and like all other women everywhere.

  20. Look at the men in these clips, pathetic little nobodies. They have to mutilate women’s genitals in case the women ever find out that their husbands are lacking in the bedroom.
    From what I can see, Muslim men are infinitely inferior to me and I enjoy ramming that provable fact down their throats. Problem is, their Mummies have brought them up to believe that they are little princes instead of telling them that unless women participate on equal terms in the workforce and education, their countries will always be poor. That is, unless you are at the top of the dung heap and getting Western men to extract oil from the ground.

  21. One woman stated that they are the same as other women in the world and have freedom to study etc. More Muslim lies. Muslim women, even in the West, have been mutilated by jealous husbands who resent them studying for a career.
    They are NOT like us plus a headscarf. The headscarf clearly shrieks that its wearer does not oppose halal meat, killing stray dogs with acid, stoning raped women, hanging harmless, creative gays, amputations or any of the other examples of barbarity Muslims find entertaining, justified and acceptable.
    Don’t you dare try to equate your rottenness with us in the West.