DENMARK: Mentioning the name of the Muslim would-be assassin who tried to kill the renowned anti-Islam journalist can get you arrested

basil hassan lars hedegaard navneforbudIt got the victim of the would-be assassin charged and prosecuted. Three years ago Basil Hassan dressed up in a fake postman’s uniform and attempted to assassinate the Danish Islam-critic and free speech activist, Lars Hedegaard, at the latter’s apartment building.

GOV (h/t revereridesagain)  After the attempted murder, the alleged perp fled Denmark, and has reportedly been spending his time in Syria and Turkey. The Danish police would like to find Basil Hassan so that he can help them with their enquiries. Wouldn’t it aid the criminal investigation if ordinary Danish citizens knew the suspect’s name, and could call the police if they happened to encounter him?


Lars Hedegaard defied the law and published the name of Basil Hassan, and was subsequently prosecuted for it. Today was his day in court. Several of his supporters (including Tania, the leader of PEGIDA DK) wore T-shirts with the forbidden name printed on them when they came to court. They were ordered to remove the shirts or be thrown out. So they complied, and took off the shirts.

Below is an interview with Tania about what happened today. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video: