TWITTER now using ‘stealth blocking’ to prevent BNI readers from sharing BNI posts

325732-thumb-300xauto-280780Twitter has started to use stealth blocking to silence users who are politically uncomfortable/incorrect, says a source within the company to Breitbart Tech.  Several users report that they have been subjected to the procedure. Stealth blocking means that a user’s account remains active, but the tweets do not show up to people who follow the account.

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One of my readers posted this on Twitter:  i have added you to my favorites so I can see when you post and am able to retweet that way only

Speisa (h/t Nimrod)  It all seems to have started after Twitter earlier in February launched what it calls its “Trust and Safety Council”, where several leftist and Muslim organizations are included. The Council will, according to Twitter, ensure that users feel “safe to express themselves” on the micro blog.

According to the Twitter source, Twitter has drawn up a “white list” and a “black list” of users that are considered problematic and unproblematic. If users end up on the black list, the tweets are hidden in the search function and in the stream of their followers.


According to Breitbart, a long list of politically incorrect users have already suffered from this type of stealth blocking. Among others, conservatives, populists and those belonging to the so-called right-wing of society.

Twitter allows ISIS to threaten US Military
Twitter allows ISIS to threaten US Military

One of them is the popular Trump supporter Ricky Vaughn, who raises concerns that Twitter may try to influence the outcome of the US presidential election.

The American movie star Adam Baldwin says that he will completely stop using Twitter because of the site’s attacks on politically incorrect user.

FACEBOOK is doing it too: