HORROR IN MOSCOW as burqa-clad Muslim babysitter beheads 4-year-old girl, then walks through the streets carrying severed head, shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” is not unusual, even in Russia, but this time, the shouter was a burqa-clad Muslim woman holding a child’s severed head who was arrested near a metro station in Moscow, shouting, “I am a terrorist,” and reportedly threatening to blow herself up.

RT  Earlier on Monday, reports emerged that police had found a child’s headless body while extinguishing a fire at a Moscow apartment block. The child was about three or four years old, Interfax reported, citing sources. 

The woman, identified as Gulchekhra Bobokulova from Uzbekistan,  in her late 30s, committed the murder because of her husband’s betrayal. According to LifeNews sources, she failed to explain how the child was connected to her husband. 

38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, holding the severed head of the child

38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, holding the severed head of the child (above)

The suspect waited until the child’s parents left the apartment with an older child, then killed the child and set the apartment on fire, the Investigative Committee said.  The dead girl, who is said to have had learning difficulties and could not walk, had a 15-year-old brother. She suffered damage because of birth problems in August 2011.

The woman was seen pulling the severed head out of a bag and walking around near the entrance to the metro station as police moved in. According to local media, she shouted: ‘I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead.

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, the babysitter beheader

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, the babysitting beheader

The victim was a girl, identified as Nastya M. After the murder, the female suspect went to a metro station, where she was stopped by a local police officer. She immediately took the severed child’s head from her bag and started shouting that she had killed the child. The suspect is currently being detained by police authorities, Russian media reported. 

“The end of the world is coming in a second…I’m your death,” the woman is heard shouting in the video released online. “I hate democracy. I’m a terrorist.” She is heard shouting that she has been “cursed” and “destroyed” “so many times.” “I’m your suicide bomber… I’m going to die in a second…The end of the world…,” she shouted.


The woman appeared near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in northwest Moscow. 

Russia’s Investigative Committee later released a statement that rescuers have found a body of a three or four-year-old child after extinguishing a fire in a Moscow apartment block. A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect is a children’s nanny in her late 30s, who is a citizen of a “Central Asian country.”

The mother of the murdered child was taken to hospital in unconscious after she learned the news.


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  1. Sounds more like she had done bad drugs, lived near a nuclear waste site, or drinking fracking water … what the hell are these people falling for these days .. ignorant humans will believe anything!

    You can’t REALLY believe that ALL Muslims are like this … I hope some of you realize there ARE God fearing Muslims who do NOT use God as a scapegoat, even though some use goats for other reasons out there, but that’s no different from first hand revelations by Brits who claim the same behavior from some of the sheep herders in the Hebrides, UK!!

    • This bullshit about not all muslims are like that shit. Read their 1400 year history. Furthermore why take the chance, never leave your kid with one of those fanatics

  2. Anyone there from oz I request you tape from tv for ppl a series called “the jihadis next door” on channel 9 10:30pm. an english series so ppl can see shat kind of assholes recruit ppl.

  3. I’ll be interested to see exactly what the Russians do about this. Keep us posted BNI. Thank you.

  4. So the apologists repetoire would be “she is crazy” so that no one can connect the dots to islam?? Everyone has heard that bs excuse for harron monis,jake billardi,adolf hitler and joseph stalin.
    really come up with a new one for once.

    • Completely ignorant, uneducated and easily brainwashed, like about 50% of the global population, if not higher!
      That’s EXATLY HOW and WY so many deplorable politicians are able to get away with so many crimes, as a rsult of citizens who cant police themselves, nor have a clue about the people they “elect.”

  5. There is always some excuse abut how these incidents have nothing to do with Islam. I don’t think the rest of the world is buying it…

    • D. girl, rest of the world not buying it? True except for Presidents, Prime Ministers and German Chancellors who are buying it in shovels full.

  6. Infants with congenital deformities and Down syndrome have reportedly been killed by ISIS after a Fatwa was issued by an Islamic State judge. The Fatwa was issued by one of ISIL’s Sharia judges, a Saudi named Abu Said Aljazrawi, according to Mosul Eye.

  7. It is Islam against humanity. There should be genuine co-operation between all Hindus and Christians and Jews and Buddhists and Sikhs against this satanic Islam

  8. There is this muslim apologist over on Facebook saying it is all a fake and other nonsense and still maintains his stance even when presented with legitimate newspaper articles about it!!!

  9. This lunatic crazy Muslim woman shouted “I am a terrorist”. They are proud to be ‘terrorist’ as instructed by their Devil Mohammad, ” “I will instill TERROR into the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks and smite all their f “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. It is not ye who slew them; it was God.” Surah 8:13-17.”

    That is why I am trying to convince the anti-Islam fighters not to use ‘terrorist’, but instead ‘Muslim criminals’. When we use terrorist that enhance and encourage their faith appetite for committing all those heinous inhumane crimes.

    Just a suggestion.

  10. Christians seek grace …. by imitating Jesus’ kindness …. Muslims seek Allah’s approval …. by imitating his murderous messenger Mohammad ?

    • Hey, marrying a second wife isn’t a betrayal in Islam. According to Islam she should just get back in the kitchen and make a kabob or some falafel or something.

      Islam itself is a betrayal of human decency.

  11. Hardly any news outlets are reporting this heinous muslim act 24 hours in. The bias of the media is getting out of hand.

    • You’re right – BBC and Sky News noted the murder of a child in Moscow but never
      followed it up with any details, certainly not the information the woman was Muslim
      and acting in the name of Allah. Too frightened, I guess. But when beheading
      is reported we all make the same link – fanatics and savages at work again, even
      against a child.

  12. And this is all coming to our neighbourhoods. I believe I could have ripped her head off with rage seeing that done to a child. In the days of Breaker Morrant they applied ‘rule 303’, today it will be rule 9mm, rule 357, rule 44 you see where this is leading. Sadly, here in Australia, we will have to use knives, forks and spoons as our government don’t trust us with guns. Cars seem to do a good job, friday night at the local musk rat centre, instead of drive by, drive over and over and over etc

  13. I am a Moslem and I agree with each and every one of you. It’s shocking and I still can’t believe it. I am trying to sleep but I can’t. I am thinking about how that little girl was suffering under that merciless woman and why. Why? I hope the Russians will make her equally suffer for what she did. She is not just evil. She is the devil himself. But I will always be Moslem and I thank God everyday that I am.

    • ” I am thinking about how that little girl was suffering under that merciless woman and why. Why?”

      Why indeed.
      Let’s hone in a little – why did she BEHEAD the child? Members of which ‘religion’ routinely behead people for no good reason? In which ‘holy book’ is beheading, stoning mandated and still actually practiced for silly crimes? Which religion was she singing the praises of (and no, t wasn’t Lutheranism)?

      ” I hope the Russians will make her equally suffer for what she did. ”
      I’m sure the Russian people want some community justice – not incarceration of a frumpish middle-aged , evil-minded , deluded moslem woman.

      “But I will always be Moslem and I thank God everyday that I am.”
      Then you’d have to be one of those people who simply can’t let go and think for themselves, unable to dispassionately evaluate the diabolical influence islam has and continues to have on individuals, families and whole societies.

      • Ross Trantor, you say you are proud to be a Muslim and then in your last paragraph talk about the evil that Islam has on families and individuals. If a religion is evil then don’t practice that religion. A majority of Muslims are radicals and that’s a fact. Very few live, work and integrate peacefully. Muslims are very good at getting other religions to feel sorry for them, then they pounce. We have seen it far too many times not to think otherwise and before you ask, I do think for myself. Not everyone acts like sheep, Muslims bring this on themselves.

        • Rebecca, I believe that there are tiny, tiny quotation marks around the bit about proud to be a Muslim in Ross Trantor’s comments. It looks as though he is quoting Karim who really is a Muslim and who has posted above Ross’s remarks.

    • Karim…pls don’t thank God, thank the Demon /Shaitan for your remaining a moslem everyday 🙂 You do know don’t you that to be a good moslim you have to observe shariah cos you cnnot separate Shariah from islam …well congratulations for wanting to stay in the superCult of death and destruction ! So essentially you are happy about observig this disgusting attributes of islam and can still remained shocked that one of your coreligionist just beheaded a child ? lol

      Sharia law includes:
      Polygamy, with up to four wives and an unlimited number of concubines;
      Child marriage, as Mohammed (the ‘perfect example’ of mankind) married a 6 year old;
      Slavery, as agreed by all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence;
      Killing of those who leave Islam, adulterers, blasphemers, critics of Islam and homosexuals;
      Women and non-Muslims being second-class citizens and men can legally beat their wives;
      Parents going unpunished if they kill their children, making ‘honour killing’ legal;
      Punishments such as beheading, whipping, stoning, cutting off hands and throwing off buildings;
      The imposition of a humiliating tax on all non-Muslims to support the Islamic ruling class; and
      enforcement of Sharia being a right of each Muslim, encouraging vigilante street ‘justice’


      • Jasmine. All of us know what is good and what is evil. All of us at different stages in our lives will hide an evil intention or deed under a good cause. If we release all the prisoners and tell them we will give them money, prestige and even power if they kill all the illegal immigrants and by the way you will be doing your country a favor by doing so and you will be regarded as true patriots. They will do it of course. Not only that, they will be very good in doing it because we added to their criminal nature a higher purpose. That’s what Islam is suffering from now. Islam is not just a religion. It is the religion. ISIS is like the prisoners in my example above. They only attract criminals who are looking for a higher cause. Islam is God’s message to show us the way to love him and in the act we will love ourselves.

        • Karim writes: ” Islam is not just a religion. It is the religion. ”

          What on earth are you intending to mean by that statement ?

          “….All of us know what is good and what is evil.”
          And so presumably did your illustrious 53 year old pseudo-prophet mohammed – when he was bonking his nine year old bride night after night. And so do moslem executioners and the moslem crowds that cheer at public beheadings for non-crimes? And Female Genital Mutilation – still widely practiced in some moslem-majority countries? And what happens to the knowledge of what is good and what is evil in the minds of those in the crowds that do nothing but watch when a fellow citizen has his/her limbs amputated for minor property crimes? Or lashed violently for minor legal cases? Are they allowed to express revulsion at barbarity – or is their right to protest squashed silent – because such punishments are set out in the little green book of Arabian ignorance?

          Is it evil for you if you do not step into a toilet with your right foot forward? Some really devoted moslems would say yes.

          So your initial statement is incorrect – it seems that only moslems know what is good and what is evil for moslems – as everyone else has a completely different idea.

          “ISIS is like the prisoners in my example above. They only attract criminals who are looking for a higher cause. ”

          Why stop at ISIS when there’ so many more with even more numerous members?Boko Haram, Al Nusra Front, Moslem Brotherhood, Hizbutt Tahrir, Jamat al Islam, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Abu Nidal Organization, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Ansar al-Sharia , Ansar al-Sharia , Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades – no need to go on. There are scores of such organisations with millions of members – all seeking to dominate the globe with the islamic endgame – the fantasy of the ‘caliphate’.

          “…Islam is God’s message to show us the way to love him and in the act we will love ourselves.”
          LOL. It is bedouin gibberish and fairy stories to most sane people. Islam is merely a set of bizarre arab-centric beliefs. That is all it is. A ‘me too’ pseudo-religion concocted by a bedouin libertine who wanted to play catch-up with the Jews and Christians of his time. It offers nothing that other religions do not offer – except perhaps the excuse to dress up in funny clothing and set yourself up as a protected species, immune from valid and overly-deserved criticism, all the while deluding yourself into thinking you have some unique insight into ‘God’, humanity and yourself..

          It has very little to do with what we could say is the Creative Intelligence’ behind the cosmos.

    • You thank God that you’re a Muslim?

      I thank God that I’m a Christian. I believe in the One true God who is PURE, HOLY and Absolutely GOOD. The God who gave His Eternal, Biblical Holy Laws to His faithful Jewish servant, Moses.

      The God who FORBIDS all of the satanic acts that Muslims love to perpetrate.

      Islam calls for the MASSIVE Breaking of God’s Eternal, Unchanging, Holy Laws and you’re proud to be a Muslim?

    • Off course you can stay Muslim as you like. But its this Prophet who apparently spoke every word in the book who corrupted your whole religion. since we have found out that Allah is the new Luzifer who wants to reign the world so you my dear will burn with him in Hell, Because Jesus the son of God will save all that believe in Him and send all muslims to Hell who think the Bible was corrupted!

    • You wonder why the nanny beheaded the little girl she was looking after. The answer is that she was brainwashed. She was obeying the koran, ‘kill, kill, kill the infidel’.
      Brainwashing takes place when people are forced to wash their feet five times a day and bang their head on the floor. Brainwashing takes place when people are ordered to fast regardless of their work, health etc.
      There is a rule in dangerous cults – ‘If you make people do what you tell them to do, they will believe what you tell them to believe’.

  14. Well just when you thought Islam could shock you no further they go to the next level with even more Islamic Perversion.This piece of dog shit is the product of 1400 years of intensive inbreeding fed on a daily diet of Evil Koranic Vomit,to think we share a planet with these evil Islamic Fuckers.There really is only one solution in dealing with Muslims and its followers is to do to them what they have done to everyone else since Mohameed was raping his 6 year old bride.Islam needs to classified as a criminal/terrorist organisation and exterminated,tough words but we must save civilisation and future generations.Islam is I believe much worse than the Nazis and we played the appeasement game with them for too long with horrific results,Islam needs to crushed once and for all.

  15. Why was this animal not gunned down?
    In Dagestan or Chechnya it would have been shredded by lead by now.
    Of course it is mentally ill, as it had claimed.
    It is Muslim.

    • Yes Steve, you are correct.

      All muslims are mentally ill. How can they not be when they worship a pedophile, murdering, rapist psycho devil!!

      All muslims must be shot in the head in order to stop islam from destroying our planet!!

  16. The only ‘winner’ here is the Muzzie’s husband. He is rid of her.
    And, isn’t that ironic? She should have beheaded the husband, then killed herself, and done us all a favor.

    If the father of the murdered child is a Muslim (and it is probable), then there may be an inbreeding factor showing up in the child.

    • The poor girl had cerebal Palsy apparently , which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during a complicated birth, nothing at all to do with genetic defects. It could happen to anyone .

    • Don’t try to get around it. Boycott twitter, facebook, and any other sites that side with the socialist pc left. They’re useless piece of shit websites anyway and always were. I quit FB 7 years ago and never looked back. Hopefully ISIS will make good on their threats and target Zuckerberg and the twitter CEO.

  17. One of my brain dead friends said, oh well she was mentally ill and had nothing to do with her beliefs. OH okay. Let’s say Hitler was diagnosed with a mental illness, does that make his ideology correct? uh no, his ideology made his mental problems worse.

    • I had this same discussion with some rag head on fb. She kept excusing away what this animal did as mental illness and not islam. That muslim woman knew exactly what she was doing.

  18. they have taken the minion of satan away for testing, lets hope its to measure the thickness of its miserable neck to make sure it fits in the guillotine . rest in peace in the arms of jesus poor child

  19. This is the last straw for me.

    If people from my religion committed these heinous acts, I wouldn’t be apart of it. I would leave the religion even if they wanted to kill me.

    So from this day forward for me ALL muslims are EVIL.

    Whenever I see one of these devil worshippers, my first thought will be baby killers.

    • Yep – but you’re intelligent/civilised enough to examine your beliefs and make an informed decision…these savages don’t think like civilised humans. They are ‘Id-driven’ and want to destroy humanity…and have invented a ‘religion’ to justify their backward behaviour.

  20. How do we know that part of their plan now is to claim they are crazy after they commit certain crimes. This would allow them to continue their crusade living out their life or part of their life in a mental hospital. They will get away with whatever heinous crime they can commit then claim they are crazy.

  21. Doubtless, The Obama would be blaming Islamophobia in the USA for this woman’s crazy, murderous actions! At least the Russian government of Putin doesn’t blame the majority of their country’s people or their culture for the deranged actions of an obviously insane person whose religion far from encouraging acts of love seems to make the bad in people worse!
    The Russian government actually believes people are responsible for their own actions! Wow! It sucks that only authoritarian cultures’ governments believe that proven notion with democratic governments following the idiot ideology of collective social blame for individual guilt when it comes to those who are most guilty of insanely cruel behavior without reasonable explanation today! Of course, The Obama and European leaders like Merkel are enablers for this kind of insanity so who is worse, the enabler or the provocateur? Why does the western media demonize leaders like Putin who refuse to enable or sanction those most likely to commit this kind of senseless behavior?
    If Putin was pro-USA, Russia would be inflicted with refugees like this woman breaking down their border crossings with The Obama telling him to be understanding toward this kind of insane behavior but since Putin is anti-American, The Obama doesn’t bother preaching to him as much! Sad truth is that foreign leaders are crazy to be pro-USA with this kind of US President today! As an American, I’m hard pressed to feel supportive of my own country in foreign affairs now, thanks be to The Obama!
    The 2016 national election for President is most critical for the USA. People on this board need to vote in the Primary and be active in the general election because the Muslims and their sympathizers in the Democratic Party most certainly are!

  22. Id beat that woman to near death. Honestly. I bet the ruskies snapped her bones when they took her down. Only Islam can produce such evil.

  23. That’s just Islam doing what Islam does. And some criticise me for calling it a satanic death cult? Yet the evidence is there for all but the willfully blind to see.

  24. That little boy looks as though he had cerebal palsy. Poor fellow. RIP. And if this muslim was mentally ill then why did she wait till the rest of the family left then try to burn the evidence. For normal human beings this action is way beyond comprehension. Among the muslims it is the norm. Wake up world, unless you want more of these savage acts brought to you by Islam and the Quran, you need to stop the mass migrations of em.

  25. I saw an article on G+ earlier showing the reportedly, apparently Caucasian, mother who was wearing a “scarf”. Thus, the mother might have been a Mollusk also. If I find it, I’ll email it. Regardless, outrageous, evil and grievous. I think that if I was a cop and saw that on the street, the hominid holding the head of a child would be dead as fast as I could withdraw my gun and double tap them in the head. Apparently, Islam is the Gate of Hell.

    • It’s unlikely the mother was a moslem. The child’s name was Nastya (from Anastasia) . Not too many moslems name their children after Christian saints.

      Unfortunately this horror looks like it is the result of being too trusting and hiring cheap muslim labour.

    • She looks like to me a naïve, trusting, Christian who wears a Crucifix and trusted a filthy muslim to care for her child. The muslim being a muslim decided to do her bit for their cause and kill the infidel.
      Avoid being in close contact with muslims let alone let them care for your child.
      Destroy islam Save Humanity.
      It cannot be any clearer.

  26. Rest in peace little one. You are now in the arms of the angels. May YHWH mete out His Justice to Allah and all of the dark lords and his minions. Please , Yeshua, come quickly and chain them in the bottomless pit where they will no longer be able to harm your little ones. “Whosever should harm a hair on their heads, it would be better for him to be burned through eternity than to face the Justice of YHWH!”. Maranantha!!

  27. Obama will call for calm and not jumping to any conclusions. Putin will hopefully level her house and march her entire family to a ready-dug grave, machine gun them, and cover them over.

    • Book of Revelations does say that they will crawl out of the ground. Given that they originate from cave dwellers, you are more accurate than not. My ancestors called it the Underworld. We fight them while Obama, Merkel, trudeau, and Cameron invite them in. Don’t EVER invite them in! Reminds me of Jesus’ teachings on demons. One put out and allowed back in will put a call out and many more will come and over run the host. Creepy to see the circumstances in Europe and then compare it to prophecy. Don’t you think? It’s as if it’s unfolding right before our eyes, yet we can’t see.

  28. Saw this on the MSM earlier. Article was titled “Woman dressed in black holding child’s severed head”, when it should have been “Muslim Baghead holding kaffir child’s severed head”.

    Poor family. But what on earth was that mother thinking leaving her innocent child alone with a muslim babysitter?

    Well had this happened in any Western European pussy country she would have been sent to some cushy mental institution and then quietly released a few years later. But hopefully since it’s Russia this savage will be sent to a Siberian Gulag to suffer for many years before being rightly killed and sent to Hell.

  29. islam is a MENTAL ILLNESS!!

    I RESENT that we are forced to live amongst these INBRED LUNATICS!!!

    STOP muslim immigration into INFIDEL lands!

    imagine a WORLD WITHOUT islam!!!


  30. Where oh where could she have gotten such crazy psychotic ideas from?

    It couldn’t have possibly been from the psychotic Quran could it?

    • What idiot? Mark Zuckerberg! He looooooves moslems! He doesn’t want anyone to speak ill of them. This sounds like the perfect nanny for his new little daughter, the one that his wife suffered through multiple miscarriages to bring into the world. What’s that, Fuckerberg? Wouldn’t want her near your baby? Yet you endanger OUR children by stifling the TRUTH??? And that’s who would hire this bitch. Mark Zuckerberg!

    • Sadly Yvonne. We get too many doses of how evil Islam is and the pathetic excuses and denials from the sinister or ignorant moderate Muslims and the pathetic lefty brigade.

  31. This might touch Mr Putin’s heart and move him to throw out all Muslims. It would be an example to Europe, America and Canada etc.
    I hope the little girl’s martyrdom is not wasted and swept under the carpet. It is a perfect example of the cruelty of Islam in action.

  32. The Savage, the Monster — the Cruel Devil Worshiper shouted out praise and worship to Mohammed’s Dark, Death god. Proud to have offered up a Pure and Innocent Child as a Blood Human Sacrifice to the Muslim god.

    The little girl’s parents weep. And are inconsolable.

    Dear little one, Your excruciating agony and terror is over. You are SAFE at last with God and the angels. No one can hurt you ever again. No one.

    God promised in the Bible a wonderful future time on earth where

    “They will not hurt or destroy in all My HOLY mountain.”
    Isaiah 11:9

  33. Another reason NOT to hire a Muslim!
    Notice that the Russians have already acknowledged this as an act of terrorism!
    If this had been America it might not even be reported by the news media and definitely Obama wouldn’t mention it!

    Well at least in Russia there will be swift justice!

      • If it is a muslim that commits these type of crime it is domestic violence or mental illness those are the excuses that suit best leftist agenda. The west will never say it was terrorism. That how stupid some people on this side of the globe can be

        • They’ve got you right where they want you, thinking they are stupid. They are not stupid. They are evil. They know exactly what they are doing. It’s all part of the CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) agenda.

    • No, there are NO WORDS!! The poor parents. No need to STOP muslims from coming to America, though, is there, obama, you NO GOOD son- of-a-bitch!!!!

  34. Take her out back and put a bullet in her diseased brain. There are no other options. She is possessed by satan, the author and finisher of the muslime faith.

  35. If they come from anywhere outside the U.S., they are probably inbred to this degree. Even inside the U.S., these all too horny, uncivilized snorts may sneak in a first cousin or two.
    Inbreeding leads to slight mental short circuts that may result in small tragedies such as this, and the instant jihad that causes running amok.
    Quite possibly, they all may have that little open circuit just waiting to mate up with another loose connection.
    So, enjoy your seat next to a raghead and listen for that little telltale …tick… tick…tick…
    Have a nice day.

  36. The reporter said that the onlookers could not believe what they were seeing.
    They will believe it from now, after Lee Rigby, Beslan, Moscow Metro bombing, Moscow express bombing, Moscow Theatre siege, Moscow mosque raids.
    This is the New Normal.

      • The two men appear to be in uniform. Maybe they were police waiting for back-up, or for orders. She was, after all, claiming to have a bomb. Puzzling.

    • You forgot the Domodedovo Airport incident – https://www.rt.com/news/deadly-blast-moscows-domodedovo/ and Volgograd Station bombing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_2013_Volgograd_bombings.

      The human suffering left behind in the wake of these slimebags is beyond tragic – parents without children, children without parents, blast injuries and burns, loss of limbs and livelihoods – in a country with zero to no social security. These sorts of things affect more than one generation.

      But at least Russians have their self-respect and are not under any obligation to toe the PC line. Back to this incident – how can anyone look into that child’s eyes and even think about beheading her – let alone actually carrying it out? She would have experienced sheer terror as the adult left to protect her committed this crime. Not just the pain – but the betrayal would have been immense. Hopefully she went into shock rapidly before passing away.

      That mercy will be denied the perpetrator in jail no doubt.