FRANCE: Muslim Rumble in the ‘Jungle’

Muslim invader is stabbed by blade-wielding Muslim attacker inside Calais ‘Jungle’ as Calais governor reveals British anarchists are fueling violence in the camp.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Terry D) This the moment when a migrant was stabbed by a blade-wielding attacker as French authorities continued their attempt to clear the Calais Jungle. A man in an orange hooded top could be seen lunging at a migrant with a kitchen knife as tensions boiled over in the Muslim slum in northern France today. 


Onlookers try to intervene and drag the frightened victim away before the attacker himself is stripped of the blade and walks away from the scene.  Riot squad officers returned to the migrant camp for a third successive day of clearing the camp of makeshift homes. 


It comes after the town’s Prefect blamed British anarchists for manipulating a ‘hardcore’ of 150 Muslim invaders into causing violence in the sprawling encampment.   The senior national government representative in the Calais area, Fabienne Buccio, believes migrants have been manipulated by the British ‘extremist’ No Borders activists.


Ms Buccio told the Independent: ‘(No Borders activists) are young people who are driven by an anarchist ideology of hatred of all laws and frontiers.

‘They have no real concern for the illegal alien migrants. They manipulate them and they mislead them. They harass the social workers we send to canvass them about staying in France.

No, you aren't
No, you aren’t

‘And they are dangerous. One of my police officers had his hand broken in five places on Monday. They are not throwing pebbles.’ 

The unmistakable stench of burning plastic hung over the muddy camp as dozens of riot police marched in.


Charred husks of shacks and smouldering logs marked the spots where half a dozen shelters were burned down overnight. 

The blackened shells sat alongside the now-empty stretch of land that has already been cleared in the southern half of the camp.


It was not clear how the fires started – whether they were acts of protest by evicted migrants, burned down by police as some activists claimed, or simply accidents caused by flying sparks from other campfires spread by the freezing winter wind.

Police, who arrived in about 30 vehicles, set up lines to push back activists, charity workers and the press, but were clearly under orders to go easy on the refugees in the glare of the world’s media.


Hundreds of CRS officers armed with tear gas, batons and riot shields surrounded the squalid site where some 4,000 people live, with many intent on reaching the UK.

Migrants and refugees who have fled war, poverty and persecution looked on as bulldozers dismantled shacks and piled belongings into containers.


In an effort to halt the slow tear-down, some people sat on top of the flimsy homes as banks of CRS officers watched the crowds within the camp’s southern section.