Austrian businesswoman’s warning to women after having her handbag snatched, her breasts groped and fighting off a carjacker in three attacks by ‘non-Austrians’ (code for ‘Muslims’) during a trip to Vienna

Businesswoman Rosita Kohzina recorded her furious rant just minutes after the final assault in which she said a man tried to force open her car doors at a traffic light on a trip to Vienna.

UK Daily Mail  In the video, which she posted online, she said: ‘I am really seething. And I don’t want anybody to tell me I’m making this up and that it never happened.’ She said the carjacker pounced after she was forced to fight off a bag-snatcher and a predator who groped her breasts. She said when the man failed to get in, he rolled on the roof and then attacked another woman who was walking down the street, shoving her over before running off.