CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) invites leading anti-Islam think tank, Center for Security Policy

Center for Security Policy will feature leading anti-Islam European leaders, Paul Weston of Britain and Lars Hedegaard of Denmark to speak on its multiple panels at CPAC. Sadly, CPAC has once again banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer because they exposed CPAC regular Grover Norquist and his Muslim Brotherhood allies.


SPLC British anti-Islam activist Paul Weston and Lars Hedegaard, a prolific Danish anti-Islam activist will be speaking at a CSP-sponsored panel titled, “The Global Jihad Movement in America and the Counterjihad Campaign” during the annual conference, which begins Thursday, March 3rd in Washington, D.C.

Paul Weston, founder of LibertyGB political party, was arrested in Britain last year for quoting Winston Churchill’s remarks on Mohammedism in a street rally but all charges were dropped.


In September 2015, Weston wrote a piece titled, “Immigration, Altruism and National Suicide,” in which he called for a ban on all Muslim immigration to Europe. “No sane person could read the media headlines over the last few years which describe with monotonous regularity the violence, murder, rape and mayhem carried out by Muslims in Europe, along with the wars and carnage carried out by Muslims around the world,” Weston wrote.

“Britain is not just a safe haven for rapists and the occasional solo murderer. We have sunk to such a disgraceful low that we also allow in mass-murdering war criminals,” Weston once wrote in an article titled “The Rape of a Nation.”

Weston now heads up the growing anti-Islamization movement in Europe PEGIDA UK

You can see much more about this heroic crusader, Paul Weston, HERE

Lars Hedegaard, who was nearly assassinated by Muslims in Denmark, is the founder of the International Free Press Society (IFPS), an anti-Islamization coalition that has worked closely with anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders, as well as CSP.


IFPS’s website once sold a print of a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.


In 2014, Hedegaard was one of the producers of an anti-Muslim film Aisha and Mohammed. Before the film was released, Hedegaard told media, “Islam is increasingly robbing us of our freedom of expression and shrinking our liberties.”

Hedegaard is interviewed about the recent assassination attempt HERE