NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #150: Muslim attorney sues Apple for not obeying his religious demands

b1-gaffney-apple-iislam-gg_c0-549-1449-1395_s250x146Feras Mousilli, a former attorney for Apple filed a lawsuit this week alleging that the company violated anti-discrimination laws by failing to accommodate his excessive religious demands which included canceling of all meeting on Fridays which could interfere with one or more of his daily prayer rituals.

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Fortune  (h/t Starshone) In a complaint filed in state court in San Jose, Feras Mousilli claims the company refused to print Arabic on his business cards, and repeatedly told him he was not a “cultural fit.” Mousilli, who lives in San Francisco, also states that Apple refused to re-schedule weekly meetings with his supervisor so that he could attend Friday prayers.

Mousilli, who is of Syrian origin (DING DING DING! Red flag re: Syrian migrants), also claims Apple was a hostile environment in which other employees, named only as “John Doe,” repeatedly told “inappropriate jokes about the war in the Middle East, ISIS terrorists, and the war taking place in Syria.”

Muslims praying during working hours
Muslims praying during working hours

Mousilli says he was fired by Apple in January 2015 on the grounds that he breached confidentiality rules by showing a prototype of iWatch to family and friends. He claimed this was a pretext to fire him.

“I didn’t display anything that wasn’t public already,” said Mousilli by phone. “I showed a Mickey Mouse display of the watch that had already been paraded on stage by no less than Tim Cook.” 

He said he the real reason that Apple fired him was because it did not wish to abide by a legal duty to accommodate his religious rights. (Perhaps Tim Cook (below), CEO of Apple, fired him because he is gay and he knows what Muslims like to do with homosexuals)

965014_1_Apple CEO Tim Cook_standard

The lawsuit seeks at least $25,000, including for back wages and for other monetary and punitive damages along with compensation for emotional pain and suffering.


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