FRENCH JEWISH BOY, 13, brutally attacked by 3 youths of African (Muslim?) origin

The attackers called the boy a “dirty Jew” and punched him. The boy also reported that one of the attackers took his kippa off his head while a second grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head against a pole.

Other African Muslim attacks on non-Muslims in Paris
Other African Muslim attacks on non-Muslims in Paris

“Those who wish to observe this religious requirement (of wearing a kippa) should not give in to intimidation or threats and should be able to keep their head covered freely,” the BNVCA said in its statement. “On the contrary, it is those who spread anti-Jewish hatred and discrimination who should be disturbed, condemned and neutralized.”

More African Muslim attacks
More African Muslim attacks in Paris

Because of increasingly frequent antisemitic incidents like this this one, Jews are leaving France in droves, replaced by millions of Muslim invaders.

BELOW: Thousands of Muslims destroy the streets of Paris in 2014, while shouting anti-semitic slogans (“Death to Jews”/Morts aux Juifs) and attacking Jewish-owned shops while also attacking anything and anyone they can get their hands on.