Germany is trying to destroy Europe for the third time in a hundred years

As leader of the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be remembered as the tyrant who coerced Europe into committing multi-national suicide by its leftist self-congratulatory altruism which has resulted in a Muslim invasion that will flood Europe with some 50 million more Muslims in the next decade.

Europe thinks it is bringing in skilled workers, when in fact it is bringing in skilled baby breeders and skilled freeloaders who have no skills and no intention of working if they can help it. Just a few years ago, Angela Merkel denounced Muslim multiculturalism, but now she is the leading purveyor of it. When you see every pro-migrant argument that is postulated shot to peices, you begin to realize that this entire crisis is a Western mental illness, born out of leftist demagoguery, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist and pro-Socialism rhetoric,  plus a feminized state.