Muslim thug is lead plaintiff in lawsuit against dozens of American citizens and organizations for supporting Israel

The complaint by Bassem al-Tamini alleges that American philanthropists, businesses, non-profits, and individuals conspired to commit war crimes against Arab Muslims posing as Palestinians.

Bassem al Tamini
Bassem al Tamini

Legal Insurrection  A group of so-called ‘Palestinians’ led by professional provocateur and propagandist Bassem Al-Tamimi has filed suit against a slew of Americans, American businesses, American organizations, international businesses and Israeli entities.  

Al-Tamini filed the lawsuit in a US federal court against Sheldon Adelson, Elliot Abrams, John Hagee and a range of banks, companies and NGOs “linked to the settlement enterprise and to alleged war crimes in the three Gaza wars.”

Altogether nineteen Plaintiffs have brought claims against fifty-three defendants.  Plaintiffs’ attorneys are Martin F. McMahon, a colleague in his law firm, and Sameer Jarrah, who claims a license to practice law in Jordan.

Al-Tamimi is a familiar figure.  He is at the heart of LI’s ongoing battle with Ithica, New York’s public school system (where he encouraged third-graders to become “freedom fighters for Palestine”), peddles the blood libel that Israel harvests and sells Palestinians’ organs, and uses his own daughter and other children as props in his war against Israel.

The Bassem Al-Tamimi v Adelson Complaint in which all plaintiffs and defendants are named, is 186 pages, plus exhibits, and will take some time to study.  The predicate for the Complaint, though, is summarized at Paragraph 87:

(a) the settlement enterprise has been an  intentional, profitable, and ongoing activity for at least 40 years; (b) it entailed the expulsion of approximately 400,000 Palestinians from the OPT; (c) it also resulted in the demolition or confiscation of 49,000 Palestinian homes; (d) without the massive financial assistance provided by U.S. donors/entities, settlement expansion would have been impossible; (e) in providing that critical funding, U.S. donors/entities have violated numerous Treasury tax-exemption regulations and at least eight federal criminal statutes; (f) as a result of funding that criminal activity, they are all subject to criminal prosecution for their money laundering and arms-trafficking activity; and finally (g) at least eight U.S. Presidents, their Secretaries of State, and congressional leadership have all unequivocally and repeatedly condemned settlement expansion and its violent consequences for almost 40 years.

The claims are broad: Civil conspiracy; war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide; aggravated and ongoing trespass; RICO, and; war crime of pillage.  Even aside from the lack of any factual support, Plaintiffs confront serious technical and legal challenges which we will explore in later posts.

Readers should view this primarily as a political lawsuit. Much like Tamimi’s use of children to confront Israeli soldiers in order to create viral media images (See video below)

Apparently, Bassem Tamimi, terror supporter & enabler, and father/exploiter of Shirley Temper, has had his US visa revoked, according to a March 1st letter he posted on his Facebook page.


Israeli Cool  In 2012, Tamimi was arrested and sentenced to prison for planning demonstrations in Nabi Salih, as well as “soliciting” others to throw stones at IDF soldiers as they attempted to disperse the weekly rallies. Later that year, he was again arrested, this time for an illegal demonstration in the car park of Rami Levy, a supermarket accessible to both Jews and palestinians. I am guessing he failed to disclose at least one of those.

Here is video taken from late last year at UC Berkeley, where pro-Israel activist Clay confronted the detestable Tamimi for murdering an Israeli. The disgusting people in the audience support the terrorists.