As BNI readers correctly predicted, Donald Trump did not back down from his “Islam hates us” comment

imagesAnd most Republican voters are just fine with Trump’s politically incorrect, anti-Muslim truth telling. Polls indicate that his saying “Islam hates us” won’t cost him any votes…and probably will gain him even more.

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HUFFPO  Donald Trump defended his anti-Islam comments during Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate and in interviews afterward, saying “there’s tremendous hatred” for America among Muslims. He stood by statements he made earlier in the week, including “Islam hates us.” But while these sentiments horrify many people, (mainly Muslims) they probably won’t affect Trump’s standing in his party.

Throughout this primary campaign, polls have shown over and over that many Republicans agree with Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric (because he reflects the feelings of most Americans).

Many of the exit polls in states that have already held primaries have asked Republicans whether they support a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. These voters overwhelmingly support the ban — over two-thirds of Republican voters in most states are in favor of temporarily banning Muslims, as are over three-quarters of voters in many deep South states.