GREECE: MEP kicked out of Parliament for branding Turkish Muslims as “barbaric and dirty” and “like wild dogs.”

56e1e371c36188e2278b4616Is this the same Greek government that is virtually broke and forcing its citizens to bear the burden of a never-ending flood of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and violent jihadists who wash up on shore posing as refugees? Further evidence that truth is the new ‘hate’ speech.

RT (h/t Brenda K)   Eleftherios Synadinos, a far-right Greek MEP, was thrown out of the European Parliament for branding Turks as “barbaric and dirty” and “like wild dogs.” “Turks are like wild dogs when they play, but when they have to fight against their enemies, they run away,” he added. “The only effective way to deal with the Turks is with decisive and resolute attitudes.” Synadinos, a member of Greece’s Golden Dawn party, told the Strasbourg-based parliament that “as it has been expressed in scientific literature, the Turks are dirty and barbaric.”