And you thought it was only ‘Palestinians’ in Arab-occupied Israel who celebrated the stabbing murder of West Point Graduate & combat veteran by a Muslim in Israel?

85Earlier this week, pro-Palestinian students walked into a classroom at the University of California-Davis and began a series of Islamic chants to celebrate the Muslim act of terrorism on Taylor Force (photo right), who was stabbed to death in Israel by an Arab Muslim. 

Townhall  Islamic chants like “Allahu Akbar” and “long live the intifada,” (intifada is a campaign to kill as many innocent Israeli Jews as possible), were screamed several times at students in the classroom. “Palestine will be free, fight white supremacy!” they sang with, “Israel is anti-black!”

Not all the pro-terrorist losers are muslims
Not all these pro-terrorist losers are muslims

FOX News  The descendent of generations of soldiers, Force was a National Honor Society member at New Mexico Military Institute, and then went on to West Point. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq, making it home from the war zones alive, and entering Vanderbilt University where he was studying for his MBA at the time of his death.


He was one of multiple stabbing attacks in Israel that resulted in a dozen police and civilian casualties. Force, in Israel to study entrepreneurship with his Vanderbilt business school classmates, was the only victim killed.


Force was walking on a boardwalk in Jaffa Tuesday when a 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist stabbed him to death, part of a bloody, gruesome spree that saw Bashar Massalha stab 10 victims in three locations during a 20-minute attack. No one else from Vanderbilt was injured.

This video is over 3 minutes long. Why did nobody at this cesspool of human sewage posing as a university stop them?