JUDGE JEANINE slams Cruz and Rubio for aligning themselves with the leftist scum trying to shut down free speech

Apparently, Cruz and Rubio supporters took to social media to slam the freshman senators for blaming leftists shutting down a Trump Chicago rally on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Breitbart (h/t Emma)  Cruz supporters, incensed by the Texas senator’s blame game, stormed social media to express their anger. Top comments on a Friday Facebook post promoting a Cruz “victory fund” drew furious responses (comments quoted here are unedited):

Jerry Shalow: Cruz you lost my vote for using this protest for your political game. Rubio also. Trump has my vote. How about the violations of the 1st amendment TED!!!!!!! Condone the violence what you just did.
Pappy Beagles: I’m a Texan, I voted for you for the senate, and was supporting you for president, up until you blamed Trump for the savage behavior of Hillary and Bernie supporters in Chicago. I just sent a $100.00 contribution to a billionaire, and i’m retired on a fixed income, so guess this is goodbye to you, and I am now firmly on the Trump wagon.
Gayle Natale: Mr. Cruz, I just listened to your response regarding the protestors who caused Mr. Trump to cancel his rally in Chicago. You did not mention the violation of the first amendment once during your speech. I am extremely dissapointed in you. You pride yourself daily on upholding the constitution in your speeches. All you did was put the blame on Donald Trump even though Mr. Trump never made an appearance. It is obvious to everyone that this was a carefully planned protest. And I would not be surprised if you were behind it, as part of your plan to sabotage Donald Trump. You are one of the dirtiest polititians I have ever known!
Jace Conners: Ted Cruz… i was an undecided voter who was leaning your way then you blamed trump for the actions of violent protesters. I am now voting Trump thanks for helping me make my choice tonight.
Mike John Monseur: Dear Mr. Cruz. I have been watching you in this campaign and was leaning toward supporting you. Tonight, the disgrace in Chicago took place when protesters put thousands of people in harms way. As I was watching Fox and other News, many people came on the air. Mr. Trump did and called for peace. Ben Carson also called for peace and Marco Rubio came on the air. He talked about the hired professionals creating this disruption and he also called for peace and unity. Then I watched you step in front of the camera’s and I thought you would have a strong uniting message to bring order in Chicago. Like a leader should. Like a President should in times of trouble. Then all you talked about was yourself and your campaign and used this tragic evening to better yourself. I’m so disappointed in you Mr. Cruze. You lost my vote.
Roy Stiles: Ted Cruz, I’ve been a true conservative for 40 years. I supported you here in Texas and voted for you for Senate. And while I believe Trump is the leader this country needs, I’ve been saying I’d continue to support you for the Senate, even after the shenanigans in Iowa, but after you comments tonight in response to what happened at the Trump rally in Chicago I can assure you that I will not only not support you again for Senate in Texas, but I will actively campaign against you. Our country simply cannot afford divisive selfish people like you in positions of power.
Abigail Mccamick: At least Rubio had the integrity to admit and say that many of the protesters were paid to be there and cause chaos. Ted takes advantage to use such an ugly tragedy to campaign. Undecided here but Cruz just pushed me farther away with his actions over the protest.
Dave Schiff: Cruz, how dare you try to blame Donald Trump for what happened in Chicago tonight. Trump’s first amendment rights were crushed along with the freedom to assemble of thousands of people going to the speech. You say you are a constitutional conservative defending the rights of individuals. You are a fraud and no better than Obama. How dare you. I would not ever vote for a fraud like you.

That’s only a tiny sample of outraged comments from voters. Rubio fared little better. A pale but calm Rubio also cast blame on Trump on MSNBC, absolving violent agitators attacking Trump supporters and causing chaos by saying “Words have consequences.”


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  1. This is what I’ve been saying all along. I know a crooked one when I see one. It was extremely embarrassing and disappointing for me that Cruz got the Texas vote. Trump is an honest man. I’m glad we can all see that now.

  2. you go Judge Jeanine you are correct Cruz and Rubio should be ashamed of themselves for not disavowing this behavior

    • Yesterday I was highly critical of Kasich, Rub, Obamination & Cruz for pissing on Trump. Today I heard Ben Fergusson read a long litany of Trump quotes in which violence was implicitly or explicitly advocated. Having reviewed Ted’s remarks, I find myself agreeing more than disagreeing. I still think the others were too generic in their criticism. Trump did nothing wrong in telling it as it is about ‘slimes & wet backs.

  3. Hello, BNI,

    Being a suspicious person, I wonder about those Facebook quotes. They all sound like they were written by the same person. Could they be set-ups by one of the campaigns?

  4. Donald trump is the CLEANEST man in America! From the get go he was attacked by bush and cruz. Right from the very beginning. With their childish and IRRELEVANT remarks. They sounded like jealous 8 year old children. I am A Christian and a Republican and most certainly NOT a right wing conservative. The Conservatives are as filthy, evil, and greedy as the far left. The Twain has met! NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can answer me profoundly when I ask why they hate Trump. Its the SAME NASTY NAME CALLING, but NO iron clad, sound reason. Sanders started his COMMUNIST movement, using an INNOCENT man as his target! THAT is exactly the way communism works. Ask China, N Korea, Vietnam, and the rest — ALL Socialist countries. How STUPID can you sheep get? Absolutely STUPID!

  5. According to the latest scoop on infowars.com it is actually Hillary Clinton, MoveOn.Org and George Soros who are behind these “violent protests”, which are actually attempts at voter intimidation via acts of domestic terrorism. Bernie Sanders is being set up and scape goated by Hillary Clinton. That is why he has refused to ask the protestors to stand down because, according to Alex Jones and his sources, he never called for these protests.

    Also, thanks to a law passed by Obama, it is actually a crime to protest in ANY area that is under Secret Service Protection. Protestors who refuse to confine their protests to a DESIGNATED FREE SPEECH ZONE, can be CRIMINALLY CHARGED, and can face up to 10 YEARS IN PRISON.


      Excuse me for interrupting, but as an ignorant Australian Outsider I’ve been led to understand that the WHOLE USA IS A “DESIGNATED FREE SPEECH ZONE”!!

      Has someone been lying to me?

      This is American duplicity and stupidity of the most obscene kind (don’t take it personally, it’s a generic comment), considering some of the dangerous and psychopathic things that have been done by your non-representative imperial bureaucracy (no different to our slavish followers of your orders) since the Banks blackmailed your President for his sexual indiscretions 100 years ago, which has led to the destruction of your faux Democracy – actually, it’s a Republic, there is a substantial difference.

      Surely you people have been pushed far beyond the brink of tolerance, and it’s time to sit down for a nice cuppa tea, Boston Style.

      Whatever happened to the Great Land that was born from resistance to psychopathic tyranny? Maybe it’s time to burn down the (White) House and reclaim your Republic before it’s too late, if it ain’t too late already. This is not a call to Terrorism, but a call to Freedom from Evil Tyranny. Words haver no power over those who lack a conscience.

        • Unfortunately this is a mental illness that has totally ruined most western countries, Australia is no exception. For at least, the last fifty years, the public broadcasting services the ABC and SBS , the education Dept, Music and film also the Fairfax news outlets have made no secret of their far left bias, they have been the dominate influence on the public’s world view for so long that most Ozzys think that it is normal and any one who questions them is a baby eating Nazi . The regressive left here rule supreme, they look upon the public as their own personal lab rat that they can try out the latest balmy social experiment on at their pleasure . The public funded ABC and SBS are the spearhead of this group of Cultural Marxists and they are utterly ruthless .

          • Lingling,

            The enemy fascist left exists in every Western Country, and the inferior thinking coward Mainstream Media afraid to speak against Islam, exists also in every Western Nation.

            But we ‘True Aussies’ don’t give a damn about these enemy fools, the day of reckoning will come. Victory belongs to those whom are not afraid to openly stand up and be counted.

      • When asked what the continental congress had given us, Ben Franklin answered: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and we failed to pay it. Too many people decided to slack off and let the other guy do it.

        It not about arson, torches, pitch forks, tar & feathers, its about taking out nominating petitions and running conservative slates for precinct delegate, school board, city commission, & county commission. You Aussies need to take yer country back, too.

        • dajjal,

          We Aussies have not lost our country yet. Activism is high in Australia against anti-freedom apartheid Islam. We have 14 ‘Freedom Activists groups in Australia plus two Independent Registered Political Parties against ‘Islamization of Australia’. And there is more active underground intelligence in the Australian Game Plan against Islam that is happening.

          And as BNI & all of my global friends know, I am not afraid to stand up and be counted publicly against Islam, which is why I always post my ‘Full Name, State & Country’ with pride. We true Aussies, loyal to the ANZAC Spirit, in memory of those whom fought for our freedom in WWII, on the Kokoda Trail & many other battles, shall not surrender to Gangster Islam.

          My courageous father, in Water Police, Flood Rescue and Rescue Squad, was born Danish, I am born Australian, with pride in my Viking Heritage, we true Aussies shall never submit to Islam.

          • BNI,

            It’s not your fault, you do an excellent job, of covering critical path world issues. Your site is the best co-ordinator of information. My e-mail is flooded with reports every day from around the world, I struggle to scan read it all. Inspired by you in 2011, my knowledge about global reality, constantly compounding, has grown rapidly, exponentially, I am amazed at how much I learned since I made contact with you.

            I reach out to other frontline activists and political groups to learn their thinking versus reality. I cover too much ground to pass it all forward, so I pick out critical path insight to daily pass forward to people that do not have the time to surf the net as we do.

            In the background, I have been working for over 45 years on other critical path issues, which trained me, to the skills level I now possess. But it was you BNI that gave me the global insight of hard reality, and for that I thank you.

          • United we stand, divided we fall. In political matters, it is better to have one strong, united party than two or three to divide the vote. It is best if the party is led by good and honest people without criminal backgrounds and unsavory associates.

          • dajjal,

            Well said, agreed 100%. That is one of our Global Western Problems, too many activists groups are refusing to stand together united as one. They are too focused on their own agendas against Islam and are thus not working together as one team for the common good of the Nation. If the Nation falls to Totalitarianism in any form, we all lose.

            Instead of creating a new activist group, everyone should join an existing genuine group and help build it into a stronger, more efficient and effective freedom resistance organisation.

        • Guys
          We are all on the same page. First Elect Trump, Make it to the WH. Other Nations will follow. Once they see the USA Standing After the Natural series of disasters. Starting at the end of this Year. This is the Book that is most misunderstood in the entire Bible. The Revealing.
          The English speaking peoples will come to gather fast. Then others will Join but only a few. Israel Being the Principal. Egypt will aid in a particular way, known to HIM.
          Russia will also be of Assistance. Make no mistake Its going to be messy Yes Australia is going to make it also as a Nation to be “proud” of.


          • Electing a good President is necessary but insuffiient. We must, at the same time, get McCain and the other RINOs out of the Senate and House. We must replace as many ‘crats as we can with conservatives.

            Even if we hit the trifecta, we can not slack off. Eternal vigilence. No victory is final and permanent.

          • ICE,
            Whilst I have Aussie friends supporting my stand in support of Trump since July 2015, I also have faced-off family relatives and degree qualified academics in Australia that are rejecting Trump outright. We have in politics a divided Australia on the election of Trump.

            I don’t know why so many Aussies are obsessed with opposing Trump, but what I have learned is that most of the Aussies that oppose Trump are all acting on opinion and have not made the effort to study, daily the ideas coming out of other candidates. In addition, I have observed that most of the Aussies against Trump have never bothered to read the Koran, Hadiths or study the behaviour of Muhammad and the ‘Dark Truth about Anti-freedom Apartheid Islam’.

            A large percentage of ‘Blue Collar Workers’ reject Islam head-on. But a lot of white collar degree qualified academics coming out of our Universities are either accepting Islam or are afraid to speak up against Islam.

            We have serious problems in Australia as the left and their Muslim allies are opposing us on the right. We are now a divided Nation on the subject of Trump & Islam.

            I received this morning an Australian Financial Report that crossed the line into stupidity and overstepped the mark dabbling in rejection of Trump. The blog is too long to table… but here are quotes from that article…

            Don’t Mess With Hackers, Especially if Your Name is Trump
            Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 — Albert Park
            By Sam Volkering
            Extracts from a waffle article…
            The US is heading toward absolute mayhem. That’s right, the circus that is the current Republican Party Primaries is in full swing. And the leading candidate is Donald J. Trump.
            You should know about Trump by now. Even if you take away the farce of the current primaries, you will know the name.

            Let’s not beat around the bush. Trump as president would be a bad outcome for the world. Chances are he will win the nomination. Chances are he’ll run against Hillary Clinton for president. Chances are she’ll demolish him at the vote. But if he’s there on the ballot paper he’s a chance. And that’s worrying.

            Trump has many supporters and followers. A strong, robust popularity that only comes with a guy who owns a US$100 million Boeing 757 jet. A jet big enough to fly 43 people with gold plated seat belts. God bless America…
            But there’s also a strong groundswell of opposition. And thanks to the powers of modern technology and computing, there are lots of people that are going to try put an end to this lunacy.

            Source: Money Morning – An Australian Financial Blog

        • Alan and dajjal
          Right on. The Aussies will see the strength of the people of the USA. And how smart they really are.
          It Takes a lot to really piss us off. We have decided to do away with the Crap that has been shoved down our throats for years. Now it ends. Alan do you remember the GI’s during the War and the Resolve they had to obliterate the Japs?
          The real death resolution in their souls?
          This is what is happening in this Country now. Slowly at first but is now picking up.
          dajjal you are right about the rest of the RHINO’S and sneaker republicans they are worse than the Dems at least they are on the other side fair and square not subversive like the RHINO’S.
          They have he same attitude as Traitors.


          • Yes ICE, I remember through history, the great courageous battles fought by Americans, Aussies, Canadians, New Zealanders, Philippines, British and the French, Norwegian and other European underground freedom resistance fighters that all valiantly opposed those enemies that fought to destroy our freedom.

            It is in in memory of them, to the best of my ability at 67 years, I keep fighting for my grandchildren’s right to live free from the evil advance of anti-freedom apartheid, totalitarian, bully gangster Jihad Islam.

        • Allan
          I was a business man that traveled to other countries and cut deals. The way the bribes work is outlandish and humiliating for honest people. And to deal with the IMF is a lesson in hold on to your money with both hands.
          The fact Trump works with virtually the same people I understand where he is coming from. He studies is opponents carefully and waits for them to make a mistake and then he kills them with one or two words to the Heart..
          Trump is a lot like Patton.. He knows his Job and does it well. Patton a man for the Hour. As is Trump.
          Reagan a man for the job at the right time. Lincoln, Washington, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, all these men came at very needy times in America.
          Trump fits this category. People are afraid of Pure Alpha Men You have seen that yourself. But the Change they are looking for in the world will not be brought by a pussy. So the Best I can tell those that are opposed to Trump, is deal with it.

          • Thank you ICE for your thoughts. I think your conclusion sums it up well, critics of Trump will not have any choice, they will have to accept reality & deal with it.

  6. Trump is going to come out of this as the President. These troublemakers ate going to lose big time.Obutthole is going to lose and be prosecuted along with hillarys minions. There will be prosecutions for cooruption and hordes going to jail. Muslims are going to be dying like flies in America.

  7. BBC is an extremely biased media group. They are frequently doing propaganda against Trump. They made a news of Jedidiah Brown and proclaimed his as a hero and a victim. What sort of victims and poor people are these people who are swinging at Trump’s supporters and showing middle fingers to them? Media is fully against Trump. Americans should make sure that Trump wins in Florida and Ohio and present a big slap on BBC,leftists and most importantly muslims. Donald Trump 2016.


    Let me understand this: Donald Trump is said to be a Mussolini or Hitler type authoritarian fascist for doing what? Trying to humiliate, discourage and silence disruptive racist BLM and socialist Bernie Sanders protesters at his rallies who are fascistically trampling on his right of assembly and free speech? If Trump were the fascist his GOP and Democrat critics say that he is wouldn’t he do the Mussolini and Hitlerian thing and counterpunch in kind? Wouldn’t he motivate his supporters to massively storm Hillary and Bernie events and shut them down? But Trump’s not doing that. He just wants to hold his rallies in peace while respecting the right of Hillary and Bernie to do so. So much for “Trump the Fascist.”


  9. Congress passed no law to censor Donald Trump’s remarks about illegal alien invasion or hijra. No violation of the first amdt. free speech clause happened yet in this incident.

    What happened was assault and disruptive/disorderly conduct. Interfering with the rally in Chicago should backfire against the Clinton & Sanders campaigns and the Soros financed groups that did it.

    I find the bitching of Rubio & Casich especially egregious. Their comments should backfire on them ‘cuz its AssWholliness. Trump spoke the truth, as is his right. The audience and voters have rights to make their own decisions based on what he said and its veracity just as I decide based on its incompleteness.

    I am ashamed by Cruz’s joining in the bitching. That is far beneath my expectations for him. Trump rent the veil of PC, and that is a good thing ‘cuz Carson and Cruz were able to come through the tear.

    The division is not caused by speaking out about illegal immigration and hijra, its caused by Clinton & Sanders pandering to Noggers & Wet Backs and class warfare tactics.

    When we pull the curtain on the voting booth, we are Americans, not Noggers, Spics; rich or poor. Government is about the general welfare, not dispossessing others for yer benefit.

    When there is a threat, whether its from disease and crime crossing the southern border or Jihad coming from the Mid East, we have a first amdt. right to tell the truth about it and should not be condemned for doing just that. This time Trump is right and the mob is wrong. Obamination and other candidates should not join and remain in that mob.

      • Too much bad blood now. But I do think that Cruz as VP would be Trumps best insurance against assassination attempts, unless of course Cruz himself has the Donald wacked.

      • Not likely . After Cruz lied constantly to smear Trump and his underhand fraudulent tactics in IOWA and other states with robocalls smearing Trump with more blatant lies ……..He is last person Trump wants in his team.

        Christie / carson have better chance as VP .

      • Come on BNI.

        You don’t want an arrogant conceited Iago type for a VP like cruz.

        BTW Donnie don’t take prisoners or make concessions to those he rightfully reviles.

        Trumps validation can only come about by cruz being completely vanquished.

      • BNI,

        I no longer trust Cruz. I think Trump needs a loyal backup that supported him through the campaign. Unfortunate that Jon Voight is not a politician.

      • A unity ticket of that sort is unlikely at this stage. Too many insults and condemnations have been exchanged. Kisich would be more likely to join with Trump than Cruz. In such an event, they’d have their nasty mud balls endlessly on display with questions about inconsistency.

          • Numbers USA is not the majority yet. Too many voters are willing to overlook that apparently minor fault, and I doubt not that Trump would overlook it. I would not be surprised to see him pick Christi or Kasich for VP.

          • Chump has the momentum and media coverage. Too many people falsely assume him to be conservative and opposed to ‘slime.

            ‘Tain’t whether you win or lose, its how many delegates you accumulate. The wide field was intended to grease the skids for Weed. It backfired. We will suffer for that.

          • Weed did not get the votes, despite heavy spending. But there will be a rules cmtee. meeting in April; watch for changes designed to frustrate the will of the party base.

          • It would be a horrific event, with terrible consequences: a minimum of four years under the heel of a money grubbing termangent or four years of a demented Communist. Either way, we lose our liberty and prosperity, perhaps permanently.

            Those who are young, healty and able must resolve to take back the parties and the nation by running conservative slates for school boards, precinct delegates, city commissions, county commisions, state legislatures and congress.

            That process will take a long time and once completed, must be maintained. No victory is final except evil’s.

          • daj, you have the right to dislike Trump, but don’t call him horrible names like that which are just evil. He has a lot of fans here and you are insulting them.

          • While I do not accept the accusations that he is a Hitler clone, racist or bigot, admitting that he he may have delusions of grandeur, I also doubt that he dreams of conquest and empire.

            I do not need my Poly Sci ° to be certain that he is promising products he does not believe in and can not deliver. He has flip flopped like a dieing carp stranded on the beach; spinning like a weather vane in gusty winds.

          • dajjal,

            You lost me when you wrote this, it is a low in your writing style. I have seen you write better than this. I never write, if I am feeling ill or have been drinking, logic gets screwed up.

          • I am sober and not sick. I am writing blog comments, not books; trying to keep it short and simple.

            A contested convention resulting in the substitution of a RINO for Trump with a plurality but less than a majority of delegates would tear the party apart. Trump would run as an independent and siphon off enough votes to ensure a Clinton or Sanders coronation.

            Keep a close eye on the rules cmtee., they will set the stage for screwing if it is going to happen.

          • Yes dajjal, you are right in striving to keep it short & simple.
            I had to educate myself on the American meaning of the word RINO, to understand what you are saying, and yes I understand now your concern.

            Greed and left infiltration is a serious issue, in any party. I have seen that infiltration breakdown in Australia. Our ‘Liberal Party’ is thinking in part like ‘Labor’ & our ‘Labor’ party is thinking in part more like Greens. I don’t think any society can ever stop such dangerous negative infiltration, all we can do generation after generation is oppose such ideas and continue the eternal fight to protect Freedom.

            I believe TRUMP will defeat any RINO attempt to substitute him. It is my understanding of the American system, that the Primaries determine who the two final candidates will be that oppose each other in the election battle for the seat of President.

            I don’t believe that Clinton can defeat Trump, and Sanders I understand is not able to defeat Clinton. Any treasonous corrupt 5th column style thinking in the Republican Party, I believe will fail, because the popularity of TRUMP is too strong to be overturned and TRUMP support will quickly grow stronger, running closer to victory in the final election process.

          • The ‘crats have a system of “super delegates” who are not committed to any candiater; they are wild cards whose purpose is to hamper the nomination of a popular insurgent. Assuming Hillary is not indicted, they will boost her over Sanders to the nomination.

            The GOP has very few uncommitted delegates but the rules can be jiggered prior to the convention.

          • Thank you dajjal,
            You have strengthened my insight & understanding, much appreciated.
            Best Wishes,

        • Hey you guys
          Bonni, dajjal, Alan
          You forgot the deal maker is running for Pres. Try this Scenario. Just before the convention.
          The phone rings Cruz’s answers. On the Other End is Donald. Hi, Ted hows it going?
          Have you been giving any thought what we discussed a while back. Cruz’s answers yeah I have Donald. I think the RNC and the Rules Committee are trying to oust both you and I from the Entire Presidential Race. What do you think Donald? I agree Ted! We have the complete control of the Delegates at this time. Now if they play backroom dirty games lets shut them down. And Make and Announcement that we will be running mates. That is a way to stop them and they get a double hit on what they DON’T want. They can’t stand Either one of US so who’ kidding who
          Agreed. Yes.


          • Pros: geographic balance; cementing the votes of two major states with many votes in the electoral college. Gravitas.

            Cons: gibes hurled in debates and negative advertisements, false assumption that Ted is an establishment insider, Est. double whammy; possibility of inciting a third party candidacy.

          • Cruz has too much invested to make such a deal prior to mathematical certitude of a Trump nomination > 1237 delegates. At that point, he has no bargaining power.

            I still view liberal/establishment balance more likely. That could conceivably include Weed prior to the clinch. {Worst case: followed by an assassination.}

  10. People need to know that the leftists Democrats are the ones who created the Klu Klux Klan, a very violent organization that murdered people mostly by lynching. Looks like that spirit lives on in MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter. If they don’t get their way they get violent then try to blame the other side.

  11. TED CRUZ PRIMARILY BLAMED THE PROTESTERS — “I also want to mention something about the events in Chicago. This is a sad day. Political discourse should occur in this country, without a threat of violence. Without anger and rage and hatred directed at each other. We need to learn to have disagreements without being disagreeable. We need to have disagreements while respecting human beings on the other side. Earlier today over thirty people were arrested at one rally, and then tonight as violence broke out the rally was cancelled altogether. NOW THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT LIES WITH THE PROTESTERS WHO TOOK VIOLENCE INTO THEIR OWN HANDS but in any campaign responsibility starts at the top. Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”

    • He is blaming Donald for what was a planned disruption by a socialist / leftists Bernie supporting organisation.

      And by blaming Trump he has shown he cares a damn about first amendment.
      He is just a fraud and opportunist and has been exposed time and again during the election process itself…………..Only Fools will trust someone like him with One of the Bush family member as his campaign manager !!

    • No he did not! Ted Cruz said the responsibility for “the culture” of the campaign falls on the leader. He placed the blame squarely on Donald Trump. Stop lying!

      • The culture of the campaign refers to that of the Trump campaign, not to the intimidation tactics of the leftwingers who rised Hell in Chicago. That culture includes trumps boisterous boasting about beating up rally disrupters, the sucker punch and the alleged grabbing of a journalist.

        Ben Fergusson’s radio show Sunday night included a long litany of violent Trumpisms.

  12. I understand that a group of leftist Latinos were involved in Chicago, carrying something called the Puerto Rican flag. Why did Ruboto & Tricky Ted not call these spongers out for living off the American people? How dare they disrupt a political Rally of real Americans, perhaps Latinos, including Rubio & Cruz might consider working for wages like real Americans, instead of running their mouths against the country that accepted them.

    • Its that last sentence that sets me off. Praise yer victim a little, then punch him below the belt. Not a good tactic.

      Chump had some fun with hyperboly, and probably to excess, but that is a judgment call, not for me to make. The Geezer who sucker punched the Nogger was way out of line and apparently will face charges for hit, which he should. The statement he reportedly made after the event is egregious and should be condemned.

      I don’t know the details of grabbing the reporter, but I do not like what little I read about it. I’d like to hear both sides of that incident and see the video.

      I am not pleased by Ted’s attempting to exploit those incidents even though he was more fair and rational than Kasich and Rubio.

      The Noggers should stay home and watch the rally on the idiot box or not. Provocation, assault, intimidation and interference have no place in politics. Let everyone hear and be heard in his own venus and events.

      BLM, Move On, OWS & the NBPP are AssWholes engaged in AssWhollery and I have nothing but contempt and hatred for them and their agenda. Trump is right to eject them when they disrupt his rallies. Sanders was wrong to let them take over his.

  13. I love me some Judge Jeanine!! I have NEVER, not heard her speak the TRUTH!!!! I always watch her. I wasn’t too happy about what Cruz had to say either. Would he be blamed for what a protestor did at one of his rallies??

      • Had to take a little break from the insanity today. Can’t stand all the ass kissing, and lying, and telling whomever they’re talking to, what they want to hear. Trump is the only one who does very little of that. I agree Judge Jeanine would be great on court. She isn’t afraid to be HONEST, something most people, are not able to be. If they even KNOW the truth.

  14. this was disgraceful behaviour, but typical of the marxist left, this same crap is heating up in Australia as well and with this being an election year and a new anti islamization party (australian liberty alliance) being thrown into the mix . things are likely to go hot here as well. heads up BNI i cant log comments through wordpress its not showing up as an option ?