CANADIAN Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is giving 7500 free computers to Syrian Muslims so they can stay in contact with their fellow jihadists back home

canada-syria_migrantsCanada is providing 7,500 refurbished computers to Syrian refugees and hopes to give them a leg up in school and in job searches with new technology skills training (especially how to use the welfare office website), it announced on Monday. (The hell with poor Canadians who can’t afford computers of their own)

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Straits Times  (h/t Marvin W) The computers are to be distributed by resettlement organisations through an existing Computers for Schools programme that makes computer equipment available “at little or no cost to those who may not otherwise have access to technology and opportunities to learn digital skills,” said a statement.

The government also said it would pick up the C$1.25 million (S$1.3 million) tab.

"Thanks Mr. President, I couldn't have done it without the free help of all your campaign advisors"
“Thanks Mr. President, I couldn’t have done it without all the free help from your campaign and Muslim immigration advisors”

Programme partners, which include Microsoft and Facebook, will provide a bundle of complimentary services to the recipients.

“Providing technology and skills training will be invaluable to the success of Syrian refugees as they integrate into a society where computer knowledge is very important,” said Science Minister Navdeep Bains. 
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Canada has accepted 25,000 Syrian refugees fleeing their country’s civil war, from November to the end of February, and is expected to take in tens of thousands more by year’s end as it looks to double the total number asylum seekers welcomed from around the world.

Oh, goodie, now ISIS will be able to recruit even more Muslims from Canada.