TURKEY: At least 34 dead 125 wounded in massive suicide car bomb attack in Ankara

Early reports say Kurdish militants have taken credit for the attack. Could be retaliation for increasing Turkish attacks on the Kurds. And this is the Muslim country which the EU is considering giving membership?


  • Explosion struck central Kizilay square where embassies are based
  • Several vehicles were destroyed or damaged in the blast
  • Local sources say death toll could be much higher 
  • Ankara court has ordered a ban on access to Facebook and Twitter
  • Takes place less than a month after car bomb that killed 29 people 
  • The US embassy in Ankara had warned about a potential terrorist attack 

UK Daily Mail  Turkey’s health minister said 30 people were killed on the scene, including two suicide bombers, and four others died at hospital. Another 125 people were being treated in hospital, including 19 in critical conditions and seven currently undergoing surgery.


Interior Minister Efkan Ala said the attack, which came as Turkey prepared to launch large-scale military operations against Kurdish militants in two towns, wouldn’t deter the country from its fight against terrorism. 

A local reporter said the blast took place where several bus stops are located in one of Ankara’s main roads. The Kizilay neighbourhood is a key commercial and transport hub close to a number of government agencies, embassies and parliamentary buildings. 


NTV television said the explosion occurred as a car slammed into a bus, suggesting that the blast may have been caused by a car bomb. 

‘The blast was caused by a vehicle packed with explosives close to Kizilay square,’ it said.


However, a local media analyst told MailOnline the death toll could be considerably higher as hospital sources reported that at least 138 bodies have been recovered. 

He spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to discuss the matter publicly. An Ankara court has ordered a ban on access to Facebook and Twitter in the country after images from the explosion were shared.  


Smoke could be seen rising above the area from a distance 2.5 km away. Dramatic CCTV footage appeared to show the moment a huge car bomb went off. 

In the video, several cars can be seen moving past a bus in a road close to Ankara’s main square, Kizilay. A massive blast can then be seen, setting nearby vehicles ablaze.


The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that there is information regarding a potential terrorist plot to attack Turkish government buildings and housing located in the Bahcelievler area of Ankara. U.S. citizens should avoid this area,’ it said.

‘We advise U.S. citizens to review their personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings and local events, monitor local news stations for updates, and follow local authority instructions.’