Another self-hating Christian traitor who thinks it’s cool to wear a Muslim headbag

wishSomeone please tell her that she now must get herself genitally mutilated by a grizzled old woman with a dirty razor blade so she can really understand what it’s like to be a Muslim in much of the world.

Religion News  MISSOURI: To protest the anti-Muslim rhetoric of this presidential campaign, high school counselor Martha DeVries decided to wear a hijab in public every Monday. DeVries, 47, attends a Baptist church and identifies as “a follower of Jesus,” but said she felt a responsibility to  display her acceptance of Muslims and refugees.

Mike and Martha DeVries pose for a photograph in their home i
Mike and Martha DeVries pose for a photograph in their home 

One commentator who read her story on Facebook wrote: “Just wait till they make you wear that, or they chop off your head if you don’t agree with that.”  “I’ve also had people ask, ‘Don’t you think you are perpetuating this really ultraconservative, degrading view of women by wearing a hijab?’” DeVries said.

She said her motivation is merely to “walk in someone else’s shoes,” which she plans to continue until the end of the school year in May. “It’s really easy to be a Christian in the United States. Lots of people share my faith, lots of people share my holidays, so it’s not really a struggle,” she said.

Her husband, Mike DeVries, a part-time youth pastor, supports his wife’s gesture. “Christians need to take a step back and evaluate their actions,” he said. “Are we really making a difference, in what our purpose is, by bashing people?” (Are you really making a difference by appeasing your sworn enemy?)