GOOD! Muslims in America are getting more ‘Islamophobiaphobic’

Muslim cleric says: Islamophobia is a growing problem and he blames that on the U.S. presidential campaign: “What numbers, statistics and polls tell us is that ‘Islamophobia’ does not even peak after a Muslim terrorism act. It peaks around election season.”


VOA News After Republican front-runner Donald Trump called for temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States and said he would consider shutting down some U.S. mosques, his popularity has soared and more than 67% of Americans polled agree with him.

The Pew Research Center earlier this year estimated the United States had approximately 3.3 million Muslims, about 1 percent of the population. The center predicts Muslims, the world’s fastest-growing religious group, could equal the number of Christians worldwide by 2050. (God forbid!)