NEW YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA consider special registry for Muslim ‘refugees’

Sounds like what Donald Trump is suggesting, minus the constant surveillance of Muslims entering the country. Bills are being proposed in both states to require an ongoing registry of Muslim refugees who enter the U.S., according to the Associated Press.

While Republican front-runner Donald Trump continues to make waves nationally for his comments about banning Muslims from traveling to the country, lawmakers in two very different states are proposing that all Muslim refugees register with the government.

selfie-viThe Hill  Under the South Carolina proposal, sponsors would be held liable for Iranian, Sudanese and Syrian refugees who commit acts of terrorism. State Sen. Kevin Bryant said the intent is to keep people safe. Nearly 850 refugees from Europe, Africa and the Middle East have arrived in South Carolina since 2010. 

Ibrahim ‘dougie’ Hooper, spokesman for designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is predicting a legal challenge if the law passes, saying it singles out people by country of origin and seems discriminatory of Muslims. “If it is not illegal, it is at least un-American,” Hooper said.


The New York bill would require refugees to register with the state and be fingerprinted and monitored for a year or until they become permanent residents, whichever happens first.

“While the state may lack the ability to block refugees from coming here, we do have the authority and responsibility to begin tracking who these people are, where they are coming from and to monitor the situation for potential threats,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Terrence Murphy.

If passed, the two states would be the only with registration laws for Muslim refugees.

ABC News But the New York Immigration Coalition, comprised of almost 200 groups that work with immigrants and refugees, has called on other senators to kill the measure, calling it a “heinous bill that treats Muslim refugees who are fleeing from violence and conflict (and most who aren’t) like criminals.” (Exactly)

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