One good reason for Donald Trump to consider Ted Cruz as his running mate – Cruz’s anti-Islam foreign policy advisors

According to the notoriously far left wing rag, ‘The Nation,’ Ted Cruz is an “anti-Muslim bigot” just like Donald Trump, and Cruz’s foreign-policy team is anchored by America’s biggest Islamophobe counter-terrorism expert, Frank Gaffney.


The NationThis is a frightening time for Muslims in America. One of the country’s major parties is in thrall to anti-Muslim ideologues.

If this was not clear before—and it should have been—it is now. Yesterday,  Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is in second place in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, announced his foreign-policy team.

Chief among them stands Frank Gaffney, perhaps the most notorious anti-Muslim activist in America today. Gaffney is the author of a long list of fact based documents about not only the ills of Islam around the world—but particularly about what Muslims are trying to do here in the United States. One of those Muslims, Gaffney suspects, is Barack Obama.  Gaffney’s broad view is that any Muslim who believes in Sharia law by definition believes in a totalitarian and violent ideology at war with America.”



Cruz also added a few more prominent Islam experts names to his list of advisers. Fred Fleitz, a former top aide to the  George W. Bush administration,

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UN Ambassador John Bolton,


and Clare Lopez, who among other things thinks Iran already has nuclear warheads, both work for Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy.

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A Bloomberg View report on Cruz’s advisers also included Gaffney’s combative deputy Jim Hanson, bringing the number of CSP officials on the list up to four—more than any other institution represented therein.

Next there’s Andrew McCarthy, a former prosecutor,



and Lt. Gen. William Jerry Boykin, both of whom warn of the threat of creeping sharia in America.


None of this love for Gaffney should come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what Ted Cruz has been saying. In November, Cruz all but called for an explicit religious test to determine which refugees fleeing conflicts abroad can come to the United States when he called for the exclusion of all Syrian Muslims.

He only danced around a de jure declaration of discrimination by suggesting that Muslims are “not facing genocide the way Christians are.” And, as Slate pointed out, Cruz has also declared that the Justice Department’s pledge to prosecute anti-Muslim violence is tantamount to “muzzling the free-speech rights of Americans.” It’s not just that he wants to see purported anti-Christian crimes prosecuted more; Cruz wants to actively reduce the enforcement of laws against anti-Muslim attacks. 

Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric catapulted him into a commanding lead for the Republican nomination. That Cruz holds second place and his posse speaks to his role in highlighting the Muslim problem in America.