Why Donald Trump will pull more votes from the Black community than any other Republican ever has

scnnRVxIF1FraEukPro-Donald Trump counterprotesters stood out amidst a gang of loud and obnoxious George Soros-funded anti-Trump activists in front of Trump Tower in New York City. One man in particular, a black local who was there with his children, says he is backing Donald Trump for vowing to do something about the issue of Mexican illegal aliens taking employment away from black workers.

Breitbart  The man, who stood across from hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators outside the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue this afternoon, spoke to Breitbart News: “Come to Harlem. There’s so much building going on right now in Harlem. Buildings are going up right now while we’re talking. And I’ve got it documented, on every construction site in Harlem, you don’t see [any] blacks working.”

He, with his two young daughters, suffered a spate of verbal abuse from so-called “Black Lives Matter” affiliated, and “anti-racism” protesters. They accused him of being paid by Donald Trump, but in the face of aggression, he wished people well with their day.