OMAHA: ‘Hate-filled’ email sent to a mosque warrants major news story on NBC

islamic+center+threat1Designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding that the FBI and state law enforcement authorities investigate an apparent threat emailed to the Islamic Center of Omaha.

WOWT  This mosque has been targeted by minor vandalism four times in recent months. In January, CAIR called for a ‘hate crime’ investigation of the desecration and attempted vandalism of the mosque when someone wrapped bacon around the door knob. Oh, NOES!


In November of last year, someone spray-painted graffiti of an Eiffel Tower peace symbol, which was used online as a sign of solidarity with those impacted by the Paris terror attacks, on an outside wall of the mosque. Earlier that month, CAIR reported that a vandal was caught on surveillance camera attempting to break a glass door at mosque.