After the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels, the Muslim-in-Chief warns Americans against “stigmatizing” Muslims

Time-Obama-MuslimIn the wake of even more Islamic terrorism, we don’t need a lecture on Islamophobia, we need a commander-in-chief whose loyalties are to America, NOT Islam. Barack Obama stated that it was important to avoid measures that might “stigmatize” Muslims – but the Republican presidential candidates did not agree.

Breaking IsraelNews  (h/t Mike F) In his weekly media address, President Obama responded to the double attack in Brussels that left 31 dead and approximately 300 wounded. Two of the dead and 14 of the wounded were American citizens. The Islamic State (ISIS) took responsibility for the attack.

Obama said that targeting Muslims would be “counterproductive.” (But Muslims targeting us? No problem)


“Muslims are our most important partners in the nation’s fight against those who would wage violent jihad. That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans (no, we don’t) , and their enormous contributions (name one) to our country and our way of life,” (major contribution to our way of life is trying to change our way of life to theirs) 


Obama said. “Such attempts are contrary to our character, to our values, and to our history as a nation built around the idea of religious freedom. (Christians have little or no religious freedom in Muslim countries) It’s also counterproductive.” (Only if you refuse to call Islamic terrorism “Islamic terrorism”)

“It plays right into the hands of terrorists who want to turn us against one another — who need a reason to recruit more people to their hateful cause,” Obama added. Obama’s comments were in response to those by Republican candidates.


Senator Ted Cruz called for “law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. We need to secure the southern border to prevent terrorist infiltration. And we need to execute a coherent campaign to utterly destroy Isis.”

Cruz also reiterated his position to suspend the relocation of Syrian refugees to the US.



Donald Trump, whose well-known position on the issue has been the focus of much criticism, reiterated his demand for the government to temporarily bar all Muslims from entering the US. “We have to be very careful in the US, we have to be very vigilant as to who we let in this country,” he told Fox & Friends.

In 2000, 19 months before Sept. 11, 2001, Donald Trump wrote extensively of the terrorism threat the United States was facing. Trump went so far as to say that an attack on a major U.S. city was not just a probability, but an inevitability.



He first announced this position after the shooting in San Bernadino in December, in which a Muslim Pakistani American and his wife killed 14 people in a terror attack. Trump’s position was received with horror by many, but solidified his support on the right. Trump is currently the front-runner for the GOP nomination. Trump also advocated using torture on to extract information about terrorism.




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  1. Thank God that our former Muslim supporting president is gone! Now let us get busy and defeat these killers. They are taught that Everyonewho is not Muslim should be killed! Something wrong here!

  2. Lets do some word revision and change our vocabulary. What you call it-is what it becomes so …….
    INstead if Islamaphobia, we say. Islamatrauma

    And ObamaTrauma.

    Once we change the WORD the concept will follow suit.

    • CM, many people have tried to promote more accurate terminology for the rightful fear and loathing of muslims. But nothing seems to stick. I am trying to give Islamophobia a positive connotation.

  3. 0bama said the world should not go to those who slander the Prophet and he is correct. The future belongs to those who slaughter the followers of the Prophet.

  4. If BO is concerned that we as simple people can connect the dots from mohommedism to Terrorists, then why can’t he see the answer? Oh I forgot He has been a mohommedist and wants to deceive us into believing he is a Christian and can continue to destroy this nation at will.
    Lying at the drop of a hat.



    • Why don’t you get your psycho Islam believing ass out of our country? We don’t want you here and you don’t belong here. We do not believe in Sharia Law and will not allow it to be used in our country. You will not take over and have your own cities and hopefully we’ll get a new President who will ship you all out as quickly as you came in. By law, you are known enemies of the United States and aren’t even allowed in our country BUT because our supposed president lied about his religion to get elected and allowed his fellow Muslims to come into the United States. All of you need to go back to the shit holes you came from and get your welfare from your own country because we don’t want our tax dollars paying for your lazy asses. Not to mention that you’re taking jobs that should be going to Americans. Soooo, here’s an idea to make everyone happy…get the fuck out of the U.S.

    • You are the enemy with your way of thinking. Israel doesn’t hunt down Christians and cut their heads off or burn them alive. Go back under your rock cause you have nothing to contribute to this great country of ours! I stand WITH Istael and against Muslims!!

  6. Please go to “Atheism” on G+ and ridicule the vermin there who were poking fun at the crucifixion of the Catholic priest on Good Friday.

  7. What’s really going on here? All this disgusting excuse for a president can blather on about are the virtues of Islam. After terrorist attacks against the west, or other bad, disruptive, murderous rampages, we can all gather round and listen to this POS drone on with his warm and fuzzy stories about Islam and Muslims. If you call anyone an Islamic Terrorist you’re labeled a islamophobe. Well I have news for him. I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe that every practicing Muslim is a terrorist. Yet a terrorist group who calls themselves Muslims and quotes the Quran to justify their attacks, they ARE an Islamic Terrorist! My question is, what is this POS’s ultimate agenda? He and his mentors like George Soros, Val Jarret, and all the other illuminati must have an ultimate goal. More importantly, why isn’t anyone stopping him? Congress does nothing to stop the endless funding with our tax payer dollars. The military stands by and does nothing. The mainstream media is run by the White House so don’t expect any help from them. Nobody else in Washington does a thing to get rid of this guy and end all this bulls**t!

  8. I have always morally supported the US democrats…. And was ecstatic when Obama got elected.

    Well let me tell you, crazy as it sounds and from the other side of the world….

    Clinton and Obama are Islamic terrorist sympathisers and this is the end of the Democratic Party in the US. There’ll be some strong holds in the campus of the NE but even those will whittle away.
    How do I know, That’s because I am a decent thinking person as are most Americans and the people have had enough of this constant Islamic terrorist bullshit from both the Muslims, media and politicians.
    The gop, with trump taking the lead are starting to sniff the Breeze and I betcha there’s some Aussie whispers in the background for validation

    Obama has no moral credibility was so ever. It’s all spent, and this Muslim fool won’t admit it or knows it.

    I can tell you now, the terrorists and CAIR are doing a wonderful marketing job for the GOP, they don’t even need to advertise and will steam roll the traitorous democrats in November.

  9. 2 weeks ago Cruz would not have had the balls to say “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. We need to secure the southern border to prevent terrorist infiltration”, you could bet your swingin’ pills that after an election he’ll change right back again. He’ll say anything to beat Donald Trump.

  10. The only surprise here is that his islamopandering blather didn’t happen sooner, but I guess he couldn’t fit it into the fifty second sound bite he gave the press while frolicking in Communist Cuba. I have this post and the one about the Easter massacre at that park in Pakistan linked at my blog. I know links jam up your comments thingy so I won’t leave em here, but I think everyone knows they can find my place by clicking my username anyway, right?

    OT: BTW, if I haven’t already, please allow me to thank you for the many months that you’ve been posting positive stuff about Donald Trump. You are on a very short list of blogs I still read, down from dozens, because a lot of my blog friends have contracted some serious Trump Derangement Syndrome – which wouldn’t be so bad if they’d could try to restrain themselves from blanket statements calling ALL Trump supporters stupid RAAAAACIST sexist islamophobic hate filled trailer trash. BNI was among the very first safe havens in the Dectrosphere for people who don’t hate Donald Trump. You led the way, Bonni, as you so often do on so many things, THANK YOU.

  11. Well… that is the end of Australia then, isn’t it? So mass killings on the streets… all b/c our politicians were too stupid to listen…so innocent citizens have to pay the price.. what a stupid stupid world we live in…Islam is like a child a never satisfied one & a bully at that… The insane Left are no better. I hear that in Sweden & Germany the welcoming committees are not so welcoming anymore, now that some of them have been raped. Yeah well these Left-wingers raped their countries along time ago, starting with Hitler…. What a mad mad world we live in… I understand your Jewish Bonnie, on behalf of the German people I apologise for what my race has done to yours…

  12. Like a mother hen guards her chicks, Obama watches over and protects his ISIS brothers.
    ISIS LIVES MATTER? Why did Obama order the U.S. military to warn ISIS fuel truck drivers in Syria to scatter before we started bombing their trucks? BARENAKEDISLAM


    Is Obama one of the TOP LEADERS of ISIS?

    How many hundreds of thousands of ISIS barbarians is Obama importing into America with American tax dollars?

    America’s borders are DELIBERATELY left unguarded in order for people with dangerous, contagious diseases, criminals, thieves, rapists, murderers, violent gangs, drug cartels and MUSLIM TERRORISTS can easily infiltrate into America.

    It’s been proven that for years, many Muslim terrorists crossed the U.S. border.

    There are many Muslim terrorist cells all over North America just waiting for the signal to attack.

    There are many Muslim terrorist training camps in America. They are ALLOWED by American leaders.

    Obama has deliberately weakend and reduced America’s military. And fired/sacked huge numbers of America’s top, patriotic military.

    It’s highly possible that some Muslim nations and Muslim terrorist organisations plan to wage a massive multiple attack on hated infidel America. The attack will be joined by the sleeper terrorist cells, Muslims from the terrorist training camps and other Muslims who are already inside America.

    The Obama regime is determined to bring about a Global Islamic Caliphate and sharia on the entire earth.

    Obama wants to go down in history as the Muslim who brought about the Global Caliphate.

  13. Oh, great idea! Stop terror – hug a muslim!
    What more evidence is necessary to prove that Mr. Barack “Hussein” Obama is a carpet kisser himself?

  14. The total eradication of isslime from our Western nations Is THE most important issue in our time. I cannot stand to look at that vile monster who sits in our ofal office.

  15. The imam in the white house says muslims built the fabric of America. He says that because black slaves brought here, some of them, could have been muslims and if the father is muslim then all of the offspring are by default muslim. That statement proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that obama IS a muslim brotherhood, at best, operative. He is all for muslim domination preferably black muslim domination. Farrakhan is his mentor. The ignorant white left does not understand that they too are white non muslims and therefore expendable once the objective is met.

  16. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for ISIS barbarians to have seized the huge swath of territory; mass murder; crucify; behead; and capture many thousands of Yazidi and Christian girls for sex slaves and constantly torture and gang rape the girls and little children without the help of brother Obama.

    Has ISIS sent a Private THANK YOU NOTE to BROTHER OBAMA?

    The Obama regime regard ISIS as a U.S. STRATEGIC ASSET.

    For decades, Western leaders financed, armed and trained barbaric Muslim terrorist savages to replace legitimate governments.

    ISIS perpetrated the COWARDLY savage slaughter of unarmed innocents in Paris and Brussels.

    U.S. and Western leaders and Turkey are PARTNERS with ISIS.

    U.S. and Western leaders are the biggest state sponsor of Muslim terrorists in the world.

    Many wicked LIES have been said about Assad. It’s necessary to tell a Lot of Lies when you want to murder a nation’s leader and mass murder the nation’s innocent people.

    Compared to the Satanic ISIS/Al Qaeda Monsters Obama wants to replace Assad with, Syria’s Assad is a saint. Russia’s Putin and Russia’s military are heroes. GOD BLESS THE RUSSIAN HEROES.
    DECLASSIFIED 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document reveals: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

    The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

    Western governments fundamentally see ISIS as their own tool for regime change in Syria…

    CIA sending Al Qaeda rebels weapons to fight the Syrian military.

  17. Meanwhile, Belgian authorities used water cannons on their own citizens who were protesting the moslem colonization, just days after the bombings.

    I saw some pictures of the charming event showing a few wearing Guy Fawkes. I’m not sure if they were involved, but I’d like opinions as to whether the Generation Idenitiaire group is considered an anarchist one amongst the anti-islamists.

  18. The History of Science is of a special interest of mine… and let me assure any BNI reader… the claims that muzz maggots have over scientific, technological and medical advances ARE NOTHING BUT LIES. The vast majority of these innovations attributed to muzz sewage have actually been created and discovered by Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Ancient Greeks, Polytheistic Ancient Egyptians, Spanish Europeans and other NON MUSLIMS.

    The stupid muzz believe their own lies because their own supremacist propaganda will punish anyone who doesn’t tow the line that “all achievements” originate from the korHAM and moe-HAM-med.

    An example is about a year back over at Pamela Geller’s site… a muzz was bragging about “islam’s achievements” and mentioned under architecture… the Hagia Sophia Cathedral… which had been one of the most spectacular churches in Christendom… and then was turned into a mosque.

    The muzz garbage believed truly that it had ALWAYS BEEN A MOSQUE and that its design and structure was courtesy of muzz intellect. When it was actually the result of what muzz had stolen.

    And NASA… that is such a sad story. And so disgusting that this scientific agency that put America through the “space race” and all it provided for humanity and knowledge… now has a focus of “making muzz feel good” about themselves. By lying and saying muzz had great scientific achievements.

    Does NASA forget how muzz pus subhuman monsters danced in the streets over the Columbia disaster? For it killed the Israeli astronaut AND India born Hindu woman astronaut.

    Also, muzz ride the coat tails of Arab Christian and other Middle Eastern non-Muslim groups. These groups have been in America longer than Arab muzz… mainly because they were fleeing persecution in muzz lands. Then the later arriving Arab MUSLIMS will brag how “such and such Middle Eastern community” is celebrating 75, 100 or 150 years in America. Giving the impression these were muzz communities. When in reality it might be a Middle Eastern Maronite Catholic Church celebrating 75 years… or a town’s Lebanese Christian neighborhood was founded 125 years ago… or a Chaldean Christian or Persian secular humanist or Persian Jewish or Algerian Jewish historical person made “such and such accomplishment” and first arrived in America 100 or 80 years ago.

    The muzz then claims that Arab or Middle Easter or Persian or Algerian… automatically equals Muslim… and most non Muslim Americans don’t know any better and go along with “oh, that Arab community” has been around for x number of decades and even sent members to fight for America in WW One and WW Two… etcetera. Not realizing they were Christian or other non Muslim groups.

    Muzz are actively practicing deception with the American people in regard to our own American history.

  19. It is our president and his government officials who do not understand Islam.According to its doctrines Islam is not religion of peace. It seeks to conqer the world through jihad. Our president is a knumbskull a delusional idiot who has no idea what I slam seeks. jerry miller

  20. I really like your comments, BNI! They are spot on! Your page is one of the best pages there is.

    It’s horrendous that Obama can even utter such shamefull words, and how ‘odd’ if people start leaving busses or trains if they see an odd-looking muslim entering (Not)!! I have spoken to various people, e.g. older ladies, that tell me they have gotten off busses, because of muslim young men that looked suspicious. And is it strange, if we stigmatize muslims? They DO kill Christians and Jews and other ‘Kuffar’, so who is Obama, that idiot, to tell us what we may or may not ‘legtimately’ feel?? We don’t dislike Hindus or Buddhists, because they NEVER behave like the satanic muslims.
    We don’t see Westerners going around killing muslims for fun, do we?! But muslims have killed 2 million people since 9/11 – in terror attacks (check out on a daily basis), and they have killed 270 MILLION people since the religion came into existence. To me, it is incredible that we don’t go to outright war against those in our midst that seek our death and destruction!

  21. Anyone who cannot see Obama for what he entails needs their heads seen to, or better still taken off …WW111 IS BEING ENABLED BY THE ELITE MINORITYS OF WHOM I THINK IS GONNA SOLVE THE CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA BY TOPPING A THIRD OR MORE OF THE WORLDS POPULATION SMILES

  22. The gay muslim with AIDS Barry Soetoro Obama has nothing to say to real Americans whatsoever. Barry needs to resign and go to Indonesia for “caning”. As for Ted Cruz – he can take his neo-pentecostal rapture nonsense and himself back to Canada.The neutron bomb needs to be used on islamists and Cruz would block it just like “Jinn-ie” Carter.

  23. In my opinion, fast and strict security measures must be enacted:
    – impeach and arrest the enemy-in-Chief.
    – arrest all those Muslim Brotherhood employed by O mainly in the Home Security Dpt.
    – stop and deport all Muslims starting with the so called ‘refugees’.
    – close all mosques and deport all imams.
    – impose temporary censorship on the mainstream media. It is acting against our security and reporting false and eliminating proper and true information.

    Who I trust would do this? YES, Mr. Donald Trump.

  24. “muslims” built the very fabric of “our nation”
    Quotes within a quote.
    obama, like every other muslim believes that islam will one day conquer and rule the world. I think in the above quote, he was speaking from the perspective of someone who views islam as being in reach of taking over this country and thus, is praising its founders as being those muslims who held and sold the African slaves, who were brought to America, who did under no less brutal conditions after they arrived here, help build the very fabric of our nation. obama is a sellout to his ancestors, he is a traitor to this country and above all else, he has chosen to be an enemy of Christ.
    I hope and pray that more muslims will see islam for what it is and turn to our Lord for salvation. Upon Christ’s return, islam, along with all other false religions will be destroyed once and for all.
    He is with us!!

  25. In November the American people will have the opportunity to elect a goverment that will unlike the Obama administration, slam the door on the most dangerous Ideology on the face of the planet.As a Canadian I envy your position, as you know in my country our own Obama, Justin Trudeau (AKA THE TURD BOY) was elected PM with 39% of the votes.the Turd Boy is bringing in improperly vetted refugees in the country at record speed ,putting the North American continent at risk, radical Islam plans to use Canada as a staging ground to wage Jihad on the US, personally if the American people elect Donald Trump I would support an invasion by the U S to remove our traitor in chief.

  26. Being Charitable, I still must declare that obutthole has many loose screws in his software and mainly in his head, not to mention screws running loose and rattling. Americans simply do not believe in this shite that he is spitting out. I plan to be well armed and ready to deal out large quantities of lead slugs to moslems when I get back in the US. Many of us have heard enough of obuttholes bullshit. The general conscensus is that killing anyone dumb enough to attack us is a highly desired option. Burying them in a pigpen is the best method of disposal.It is getting to the point that we simply do not care what obama thinks. Bring it on’ and lets see who wins…

  27. You must be wary of all Muslims; especially the so-called moderate ones who are financing the honest Muslims who aren’t afraid to show that Islam is nothing but a cult of death & destruction.

  28. It will be good to see Barry piss off.

    I watched a video of that obsessed hag, that pcycho OLD heifer, called Mizzzz Piggie I think, sit there and lie her ugly face off for about 20 minutes.

    Anyone who votes for her they are sick.

  29. Islam is at war with the west. Its time that the west or free world realizes this and starts acting like were at war instead of continuing to deny the facts. How many more innocents must die before the politically correct fools wake up. As long as they have fools like Obama and Kerry and Merkel running the show, were in for many more dead people. End all immigration of these savages. Build that wall. Trump is the only one who promises to build the wall. Cruz is now being run by the establishment. I don’t trust Cruz to build any walls.

    • the isis leader is alive and well bagdaddie dirt bag that Obama released from some prison overseas our soldiers had captured him sometime early in the war and— in april or may 2009 Obama let him go why hasn’t the media ever remind the American people of that- we all know the answer

  30. Limp wristed nancy boy no wonder the world laughs at the USA these days Putin is a REAL leader,obama is just a jug eared chimp in a suit spineless,ball-less,class-less monkey americans do yourselves a favour and get rid of that piece of muslim shit.

  31. I knew so much about Barack Obama prior to first being elected as President. I just knew he was a Muslim (what Christian holds an Islamic name?). Even Hillary Clinton exposed him as a Muslim back in 2008. I even was aware of him advocating the murder of babies that survived abortions when he was Senator. To me, I knew from the start he would be the most corrupt, anti-Christian President in the history of this country. I had (& still have) so much contempt for Obama, that while the world was transfixed on that day back in January, 2009, I didn’t watch his speech to America and the world. I intentionally watched gay porn, just to let everyone know that even watching gay porn is better than watching this enemy of America talk on television.

    • I too knew he would be a disaster for America. The mere fact he “worshipped” at the church of Jeremiah Wright was enough for me. I was a bit suspicious of his name being muslim, but then I thought if he worshipped at a church, he couldn’t possibly be a muslim. How wrong was I.

  32. “Muslims our most important partners in the nation’s fight against those who would wage violent jihad. That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans”

    Interesting viewpoint. Or you could just as equally say that if there weren’t any “Muslim-Americans” (which sounds like an oxymoron to me), then there would be precious few attempting to commit violent jihad…

  33. Barack Hussein Obama has got to be the worst and the most incompetent President in American History, ever! He’s an embarrasment to the USA, not to mention he is becoming a laughingstock here in Europe where I live.
    His departure from the White House cannot come too soon!
    The same goes for Hillary.
    Daniel Less

  34. The part about enormous contributions…is obummer nuts? Hell, every time there is another attack it just reminds us once again just how evil islam is. I can’t think of anything good that muslims have done for America. Only bad, very bad.

    I continue my prayers for Trump to become our president.