AUSTRALIA: Muslim baghead cries to police after allegedly being asked “How are the (Muslim) terrorists going?”

Mini Elali, 27, claims she was approached by a man at Lidcombe Station in Sydney’s inner west today. She believes she was targeted because she was wearing a Muslim supremacist headbag.


AU News  “I was changing trains to go to Strathfield,” she said. “I was waiting on Platform 3 for my train and a man came and stood in front of me, very close.”She turned away and ignored him before he made the offensive remark.

“I was shocked and replied, ‘What?’ He repeated the question. I answered, ‘How would I know?’ He looked annoyed at my answer and stayed standing next to me. He was just staring at me.


“He looked angry and I was going to just walk away. But I was attacked in 2011 in (nearby) Burwood and I didn’t have a photo of my attacker for police, so I made sure to get a photo this time.”

Ms Elali, who lives in the Lidcombe-Auburn area, has worn a headbagfor seven years. She says it’s insulting to be asked to condemn Islamic State because she considers that an attack on her humanity.


“It made me feel upset, he insinuated I was a terrorist. And I find that offensive … I’m sick of being asked continuously to condemn ISIS and other similar groups. Of course I condemn them. (Talk is cheap) “Asking me and any Muslim to condemn them implies that we condone what they do.”

Following the confrontation, Ms Elali took the photograph to Auburn Police. She says she does not expect much to happen but wants her complaint recorded “because I was sick of these things happening.”

“I don’t like the concept of tolerance. Tolerance implies different ethnic and religious groups are something to be tolerated. I don’t want to be tolerated. I want to be respected as a human being. (But as everyone knows, Muslims are the most intolerant and intolerable people on earth)

And if you believe this crap story, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you
And if you believe this, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you