FascistBook’s founder says, “To fight Islamic terrorism, we need to create a world where everyone feels cared for and loved”

imagesGee, this Muslim-pandering leftist Judenrat sounds just like the Pope. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out against the “fear and distrust” caused by recent Islamist terror attacks and has called for more “love” as a means of stopping them.


Breitbart  The billionaire Facebook owner argued that recent attacks in Belgium, Turkey, and Pakistan are specifically designed to “sow seeds of hatred” between countries and their Islamic communities. “Each of these attacks were carried out with a goal to spread fear and distrust, and turn members of a community against each other,” Zuckerberg said.

The “only sustainable way to fight back” against these sickening atrocities is to “create a world” where everyone “feels cared for and loved”, he added.

At least 70 people were killed and 300 injured in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter Sunday when a Taliban splinter group that has sworn allegiance to ISIS detonated a bomb in a park where children were playing. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack and said they deliberately targeted the Christian community, and therefore launched on the holiest day of the Christian calendar. 


Newsfoxes  Following the continuous terror attacks to rock the world at the hands of Muslims, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just one main priority: fighting to protect the rights of ALL Muslims on Facebook (even Muslim terrorists)

“I want to add my voice in support of Muslims in our community and around the world…I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that they will be persecuted for the actions of others,” he stated. As a result, his fascist moderators are now issuing bans to people who speak out against ISIS, or who make fun of terrorists who kill Americans.

Drawing on his religious upbringing, the Facebook founder said that it is important to support Muslims in the face of rising Islamophobia because “attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt everyone”.


In the wake of sustained attacks from Donald Trump, in which he called for a total ban on Muslim immigration to the US, the Facebook founder posted a short message on his page on Wednesday to support the Muslim community.

Facebook will suspend a user for posting a photo of the San Bernardino Muslim terrorists, but allows terrorist groups like ISIS to keep their Facebook accounts active.

If you are a Christian or Jewish American patriot who posts stories on Facebook regularly, you may also be a member of a select group of people who find their posting privileges suspended without warning quite frequently.

It goes like this: You find an article you like, maybe something exposing the Obama government’s support for Islamic terrorists, you grab the link and post it to your Facebook page and a handful of groups you are a member of.

People start engaging with your post, information is being spread, everything is good. A few hours later, you come back from lunch and attempt to post again. But this time, a little box pops up and says this:


Or this:


And there it is, you are blocked. There was no warning message, and no reason why your privileges were taken away. You start scratching your head in puzzlement, then it comes to you. The last story you posted was CATHOLIC CHURCH PAID $79 MILLION BY OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO FORCE MIGRANT INVASION, exposing how Obama pays the Catholic Church millions each year to force Muslim immigration to the United States.

You start talking with some of your friends, and dozens and dozens of them have a very similar story. Well, the “mystery” has been solved in a post Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg put on his personal page just yesterday.

On his official Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg declared his love and support for the 1.4 billion followers of the Prophet Mohammad around the word with this official statement: