LET’S ROLL! Bikers for Trump roll into Wisconsin to keep the George Soros-paid shills away from the Trump rallies

bikerstrump._8colBikers for Trump rolled in to Wisconsin and upset some anti-Trump protestors that think the first amendment isn’t for all citizens.  They heard the ROLLING THUNDER coming from afar and dang….their shouts just weren’t loud enough to earn their George  Soros cash for the day!

Bikers for Trump Facebook Page


Marshall Report (h/t Emma)  Bikers for Trump announced on their Facebook page that “Patriotic Bikers, from all across the United States are planning to show up at ALL future TRUMP rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak. “Or interfere with the rights of Trump supporters to safely attend. WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED!”


THANK YOU TO ALL PATRIOTIC BIKERS!  It’s about time Americans unite against the evil tactics paid for by establishment puppet masters.  We all have rights and a constitution!  It’s time to stop the corruption and misguided violence brought on from establishment ORGANIZED thugs.


Fear not all good Americans, for they come  in peace with just a roar of thunder to remind protestors that if they want to bring it on- it came and it’s here.  That seems to be all it took to clear  a safe path for those wanting to attend a political rally.

And Just so you are all aware – BIKERS FOR TRUMP have united across the nation and are going to secure all future Trump rallies! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH – EACH ONE OF YOU WHO HAVE ANSWERED THIS CALL!


Trump is surprised he has so much support from bikers:

Bikers for Trump Video from March 12th


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    • Bikers for Jesus doesn’t endorse Donald’s hate speech. And most of them can actually ride a motorcycle, instead of having their bikes towed around the country likeep poseurs.

        • Hi BareNakedislam – [look no caps-lol] glad to hear bikers will be in Cleaveland Monday et al – The Protestors say they are going to’raise hell’? Man, things are getting out of hand. So, to have Bikers For Trump there is heart warming. Stay Safe and keep those nere-do-well disrupters in line – one way or another?

          • 100,000 W O W. MY GOSH, I wish I was 60 years younger and could get to Cleavland just to see this spectacle – it will sure be a suprise [?] to all the thug protestors – it is really very scary what they say they are going to do. But, of course, that may be when they didn’t know you great people were going to be ‘on hand’? Best of luck – Mr. Trumps isvery fortunate to have you all there. I only wish I could have a picture of you all. Be safe.

      • What HATE SPEECH? Trump calling to protect American Citizens and our Children from rape and murder is HATE SPEECH?
        I am certain you would call out JESUS AS PROMOTING HATE SPEECH when he took a Whip to the Money Changers in the Temple!! Or when he called the Disciples to ARM THEMSELVES WITH SWORDS AGAINST THE ROMAN SOLDIERS !

        What a idiotic statement to make, I suggest you do more reading in God’s Word instead using your time trashing the only Man in America willing to risk his life and that of his family to try to SAVE AMERICA from the EVIL WHICH HAS COME AGAINST IT!

  2. ……ya know….once upon a time when it was ok to be a “man” so to speak, where if someone talked shit to you or insulted your girl or family you could pop them in the face….those seem to have been better days, more polite and respectful…just as when an entire society is armed, everyone seems to be nicer…

    And honestly, anyone blatantly and aggressively interrupting a political process or attempting to shut one down deserves just that…if you actually want to peacefully protest against (Trump) I’m all for it! But that IS NOT what’s happening…while I’m a Trump fan, I respect everyone’s rights as long as it is reciprocated

  3. So good to see this, and for all you American haters, lets see who has your back when shit hits the fan..I sleep better at night now knowing these great people are out there.. Kudos!:-)

  4. LMNoah…now I realize you have a right to free speech, but you really need an education in order to accurately state that “Bikers do not support Trump” wtf, so you know a few Bikers, So What !! Doesn’t mean they are any smarter than you if YOU know them! There are groups of wanna-be’s everywhere…you have NO right speaking for the ‘more intelligent’ vets, patriots, and Americans here. The MAJORITY that is…who YOU do NOT know! Frickin’ coward…go shine some of your brothers boots…and while ur’ down there, I have a feelin’ you know your job! They know how to keep you quiet, huh? LOSER!!!

  5. Don’t worry Sylvia, Mr. Trump is 10 steps ahead of everyone else. You’ll see that at the convention in Cleveland. This group of bikers are savvy, they know that the establishment wants violence so Obama can call Marshall law! They are with Trump as peacekeepers; for these reasons:
    Trump represents: anti-terrorism,
    no more illegal immigration,
    protection of the constitution, esp 1 and 2; freedom of speech and the right to bear arms to protect home and country.

  6. They love Trump because they are also narcissistic. Birds of a feather.

    They irritate everyone for miles around with the racket they make on their ridiculous outdated posing machines because the only thing they care about is that they think it makes them look like hard nuts. Grow up.

    • That is about as narrow minded as one can get…You are one that would help no one….so just go away your type is not wanted and not needed!!!!

    • Yawn,
      nobody gives a rats ass abot your opinion, do us all a favor and take your metro borderline pinko faggot ass to Canada and don’t come back …and that goes for any other backwards progressive educated to be stupid moron, what ever gender or color… Go where your type of bird is the majority, And take your Phyc. Professor with you….

      • well yawn, yawn. You sound just like the type of person you are railing against in your comment. YOU go to Canada – I guess you would fit right in?? I think we should all be trying to ‘get along’ and be more positive and don’t disparage anyone who doesn’t agree with our views. The people who we bitch about gives ‘the other side’ more ammunition tolevel at us don’t you think?

    • In case my post gets taken down due to the fact i’m hardly ever Politically correcko how i truly think about, due to the fact that I really refuse to be politically correst
      I’ll just say STFU. theres nothing more stupid than reading a spew from an educated Moron.
      like Bob Marley says in one of his songs, BRAIN WASHED DUCATION, to make us the fools
      Thank god I didn’t waste my time on higher false education, do us a favor, move to Canada and don’t come back, and take your Phyc. Professor with you…

  7. Back in the early 80’s I managed a bakery. When the owner decided to relocate, some 30 miles away, he called on a friend who had ties with a local motorcycle gang/group. I, having a jaded view of them, wondered what kind of “pay-off” this was going to cost and whether my family was in any danger because of it, due to their, then-current, reputation/s. Boy, was I EVER surprised!

    Never had I EVER known a more nicer lot. They destroyed whatever opinions I had of them. Not only were they great, family-oriented people (men AND women), they were hard workers, too.

    I don’t know if anyone’s ever been in an older bakery but their rotary oven in the size of a small, single-car garage, (about 12x12x9 feet). That bakery, in its entirety, ceiling to floor, and after 2 days of planning, was dismantled, moved, re-assembled and RUNNING within 3 days.

    Yes. Bikers HAVE had their reputations of being honery but the ONE thing they’ve ALWAYS maintained was their freedoms under the Constitution. Rowdy? Yup! Partiers? Yup! Trample on our flag – ass-whoopin’ time!

    The bikers, of today, are mostly comprised of Veterans and LEOs. They maintain their oaths of office and stand by the Constitution. One cannot ask for a more patriotic “army” than them.

    “Should the winds turn in an ugly direction”, they will stand by The Constitution. THAT we can count on!

  8. I knew something like this would come about sooner or later after that ridiculous spectacle in Chicago.

    • Thank god for people that are willing to stand up to what is right and not be cowards like the paid for protesters…they should hang their heads in shame for taking money over the welfare of this country….We can count on them when ever this country or our rights are threatened…..Maybe we could set up a meal train for them in some way in return for the hope they have given us

  9. WELLLL– you’re gonna love this! I used to look down on bikers: scruffy beards, unkempt hair, filthy clothing, poor grammar, no manners, heavy drinkers, etc etc etc. YIKES!! How time and circumstances change. Ditto all the bikers’ positives cited here. I see reverence, loyalty, fidelity, honor, ideals and unparalleled PATRIOTISM. Aside from the events documented here, I experienced a military funeral of the son of a dear friend a year or so ago. The young Sergeant (20’s) had been to the Middle East at least twice, surviving the most heinous perils of war. His death, along with countless young men and women, was tragic, engulfing such promising futures and heart wrenching pain of their families. In commemoration of all of these factors, a band of bikers greeted us at the church, joined together at Mass, led us to the gravesite, and all of a sudden in my eyes they became the ultimate archangels guarding and participating in the ceremony with dignity and a reverence for America. They were awesome. Our reaction was staggering. I commend them from the bottom of my heart. IN GOD WE TRUST that these biker men and biker women will continue to support Donald Trump and our beloved country.

  10. We will not see any of this on “lame stream media” just like the 2 Million Bikers to DC rally…They actually looped traffic cams so America wouldn’t see. If you are there…Post Video so we can share and get the word out that this is really happening….we have to stop them trying to silence us!

  11. Haven’t seen yet any video of the bikers showing up at any of the rallies. Not doubting they were there somewhere, but an impressive showing would be so great!

  12. Bikers are as American as Apple pie. I often wonder what a foreign nation would do, if it invaded mainland U.S.A.
    With all the NRA members, gangsters, hunters, law enforcement agencies and most importantly the nation’s bikers.
    All creating the largest militia on earth.
    The enemies would not want to fkkk with patriots like bikers, making their casualty counts too high to bother with. Bikers are as American as anything in this country. Fight on.

      • You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie, sista! I think he’s managed to muster more patriotism in the American people than even Washington could have.

      • i hope your right, but haven’t seen any of them stepping up to the plate like you guys, I was beginning to think all the men in America had been castrated.

          • Thanks for the response, but it would behoove all of us to understand this;

            “The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. it is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists.”
            ― G.K. Chesterton,

    • Yes they are and there is nothing better then Apple Pie…..Let’s all stand behind them and thank them and give a big hooray for their support……we needed them..we got them ..we wanted them. Lets all thank God he saw our need and he answered it in a very mighty way…Thank you bikers…..

    • Yeah, Jeff. Just what we need – Trump Storm Troopers to beat the sh&t out of anyone who disagrees. Another throwback to a bygone era of the 1930’s right here borrowed from Europe!

      • I don’t see you bitching about o’bama’s BLM storm troopers. You know, the one’s really doing damage and causing riots…? What say you about them???

        • Had, Ol’ Pal…
          You know damned well History_repeats won’t say a thing about those left wing, dEmocrat goofs raising shit at Trump rallies…

          He would have to explain why it is the “progressives” that are the ONLY ones causing grief with their law breaking demonstrations…
          You never saw any Republicans acting like that at a Clinton or Sanders rally…

          History_repeats…do a little research before you run your maw…

          • Most of problems are caused by people NOT researching EXACTLY what has been ‘said’ and is adding fuel to the fires Much like a reporter interviewing [mostly younger women] on the street about ‘voting for Clinton because of some stupid ‘policy’she is preaching [which was bogus] and they ALL said – “yes, they thought it was correct, and that they would vote for Clinton because of it”!!! These are the types of air heads that are voting Dem – and most of whom are included on the Protestor groups which are causing all the problems WHICH THE BIKERS ARE GOING TO STRAIGHTEN OUT. Intelligence at its utmost included in the DemonocRATic party – these are the stupid people Clinton is targetting AND unfortunately believe in her B.S.

      • There will always be people like you that are incapable of seeing the good that people are trying to do….Probably because there is very little good in you and you would never give a helping hand to those in need …..thank the bikers we all need them

  13. Thanks to all the bikers who are doing what we all would do if we were ablel They all love our country as much as Trump does, and as much as we do!! Trump needs someone to watch his back! Good luck bikers! Good luck Donald Trump!

  14. You are right. The media will have a field day with this. Let’s face it, they are mostly liberal stooges. Back to the bikers, most of them are true patriots. If they attend the rallies to show genuine support and chose to refuse to be taunted into physical force, great! They must realize, however, that any attempts to intimidate will be used by the media and the liberals to damage Trump’s “brand”. Hillary does not need any more free ammo.

  15. These bikers are doing a great thing! Whether you like the person they’re doing it for or not. It’s like the Patriot Guard Riders blocking Westboro Babtist assholes from protesting military funerals. I don’t know if the 2 groups have anything more in common or if they ever ride together. Either way, they both make a difference to each of their own causes, and should be applauded!


  17. You guys are wonderful. Doing a good thing. We are all making a first in History and you are playing an important role. Please be sure to go to Cleveland for the “Convention” We are looking to raise 5 million Americans to be there to make sure the GOP knows we will not allow them to steal the nomination of the candidate that we have chose.

  18. They’re stupid. Anyone who goes to a Trump rally is just looking for trouble. Do they think they are going to scare people? Fucking idiots. All they want to do is escalate the hate and make Americans turn against each other even more so than we already are. Anyone who defends Donald Trump deserves what they get. Any Presidential Candidate who needs random strangers to physically defend them from WORDS is a fucking pussy ass coward who is afraid of the 1st Amendment. I’ve always supported Bikers. Know a lot of them. But they don’t support Trump. They can’t stand him.

    • You are totally wrong. The leftist scum protesters don’t use words, they start trouble with the hope of getting the event cancelled. The Bikers will overrun the little commie diapers. I hope they go there armed.

    • Noah has Obama made your life better,? Are you better off today than you were yesterday? Trump will not be beholden to nobody you gotta to appreciate that. I do

    • Typical sounding libtard. Instantly upset and butt hurt feelers as soon as somebody says something that they don’t like to hear. Grow up and go buy yourself some big boy pants.

    • So you mean if the bikers who go to a rally they are just “looking for trouble” but the “paid” protesters are just extending their right to free speech by trying to stop Trumps right to assemble??? Wow!!!!!! Everyone is aloud to have an opinion as long as it’s yours I guess, otherwise the name calling begins? Pffft

      • ok so u are saying its just free speech ,then if i go to the church i can disrupt the services and the people with a little demenstration ,cause that is what u are saying

    • LMNoah takes an asshole to know one. I would go to a Trump rally and people like you have your head so far up Hillarys ass the true never shines

    • Noah
      These commeners to you are really being nice. They after all are a product of the lefts PC. BS Join in and lie to us again.


    • Well here is a web page uniting millions of bikers behind Trump. So get your facts straight they are for Trump. Show up with your protest and let the bikers know how you feel with your vulgar language and spewing your hate then we will see who the coward is. Your just upset because you ain’t able to make trouble for Trump any more. They will be there in numbers because otherwise people like you.

    • Noah, everyone is entitled to 1st amendment right protection. Soro’s paid protesters are trying to block another’s 1st amendment rights. Who the hell cares who’s doing it or if you agree or disagree with the message. The bikers, for what it’s worth, are doing this of their own freewill. Catch a clue pal, because you must have made a wrong turn somewhere or got hit on the head a few too many times as a small child. Just my opinion. And I don’t give a country fuck if it offends you! Or anyone else for that matter.

    • Let’s not forget how many of the regressive agitators who forcibly shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago and closed roads in Arizona were impeding other Americans right to move about freely were paid off by Sanders. How smart are they? Supporting a socialist who never held a job until he was 40? Then again, quite a few are 14 yr. olds, the rest see a candidate who promises them that they also can live free off the backs of taxpayers as their messiah. Free everything for everybody! Yippee! Follow a nimwit who publically stated in a debate that terrorism is caused by climate change, yeah, that’s knowledgeable! Not the bikers that started this. What exactly, LM, is your idea of “turning people against each other”? Sounds more like you’re saying,” Anyone that I don’t agree with should sit down and shut up.” If these paid socialist agitators want to scream obscenities, burn our flag, spit on people , push and shove, then they should expect those being bullied to push back. Like my mother told me, “If you’re going to act like a man, expect to be treated like one.” Now, contribute to the discourse in a halfway near intelligent, informed manner or go demand your “Safe Space” somewhere else. In other words, if these pussified bullies can’t run with the big dogs, they should stay on the porch!

      • Correction: Bernie Sanders DID hold a job before he was 40 – He managed to work at a hamburger handout, while he was in high school, for a total of three weeks before he decided that it was too stressful, quit, and went home to live with mommy and daddy until he was aged 40 and then he found that politics was a lucrative ‘profession’ that he could handle without it becoming too stressful!

    • Why does using vulgar language supposed to make me think you are worth listening to. If you can’t speak in plain English ypu must not have a very large vocabulary

    • Go blow prick! We have the clintons and Obamas with so much blood on their hands it isn’t even funny. Our polititions are so corrupt and evil that they will kill trump if we red blooded Americans don’t stand up and protect him. And believe me we are going to do everything to not only keep him safe but also get him to the whitehouse to help us clean house on the corruption their! Weather you like it or not!

    • Lefties are traitors to their country and people. Just like the police who protect the lefty protestors and Muslims. How can you care for foreigners more than your own people and way of life? You all live in a bloody fairy tale.

    • Really? If they hate him so much why did roll into town to support him? You aren’t a biker or you’d man up and have the nerve to say that to their face instead of sitting here in this news article hiding behind your little keyboard. You’re just a pissed off little moron who is probably just aggravated because they ruined your little plans to be a paid agitator. It’s pretty obvious you are just a disgruntled Bernie Sander’s (BS) supporter…. and BS is about all you BS fans are good at.

    • Are you kidding? We live in America and last time I looked, Americans are able to vote for any candidate running for president. Who dare tell Americans to vote but only for the person that Washington says they can vote for. If you want to live under communist rule, move accordingly. Please dont claim to be an American

    • LMNoah
      Whats the matter has your safe place been invaded? I am personally tired of pussys like you whining because others have opinions other than your. Grow up and be a man.

    • It’s not “words” that Trump needs to be defended against. You Sanders-supporting Black Lives Matter h0m0s deliberately disrupted a Trump rally with violence. These good patriotic bikers are simply going to return to you what you dish out.

    • You’ve been drinking the establishment and media koolade for too long … put the pitcher DOWN!!! They turn everything Trump does into a negative and then repeat it over and over until you believe it! People actually now believe he is racist, etc. Not true … Rule #1: don’t let others brainwash you …

    • This is something that you should be saying to the protesters that are taking money to protest how low can a person get Or I assume you may be one of the protesters that need the money, get a real job if your capable.

    • You don’t Know Shit…get over yourself. If we can’t stand behind one man…we f’n LOSE! Do you not know brothers stand together and ‘US’ Bikers are behind Trump. Trust me…if Trump is tryin’ to pull one over…Well let’s just say IT WON’T happen! After-all…he likes the popularity w/ us!!

  19. Bonni, this is good news…I love the bikers. Bikers in my area always raise money for good causes to help people. I have a high opinion of them. I am concerned about Trump winning Wisconsin after his interview with Chris Matthews. Matthews is a scumbag, and I thought that Trump would be more careful around him. Do you think he still has a good chance of winning Wisconsin even when the polls show him 10 points down? Sometimes the polls are not too reliable. I’m hoping this is the case here.

    • Donald Trump need’s to be careful who he gives interview to. Mathew is a weasel that is out to destroy Trump and would only bring him down. He is a demo and does not care about country…only his pocketbook….

    • Thanks for that video! And thanks to NY State Senator Tony Avella for refusing to continue to listen to the vile comments directed toward our country by these scumbags ragheads. He’s the kind of leader we need in our country, NOT the progressive (actually they are regressive) weaklings that we have right now. Good man, whether R or D!

  20. This is so impressive & I’m happy these riders are doing this to protect the Trump supporters so they can hear Mr Trump speak! I went to a rally in Valdosta, Ga and I heard a man that really loves people & his country!

  21. Send the message around the world! We are Proud Americans and will not tolerate anyone who wants to bring harm to it. Be Not mistaken! Those weaklings who have represented the country in the past do not represent the true spirit of America! Things are changing and we’re here to give notice! Join us or suffer the consequences! We will not go quietly into the night, and we will not go down without a fight! GOD blesses our country of America!

  22. Daytona
    Two of my sons attended the Bike Week Rally. Both are Vets. Iraq, Afghanistan. They said there was approximately 500,000 Bikes.
    They had a blast. Said, Trump is their man over and over.


  23. Great photos! Wauw! The photo of the cortege of bikers is just amazing!

    Keep the Land of the Free – Free! We Europeans are counting on America as the last bastion. We need America to NOT become islamized! Hitlary must not win!

  24. I so want to buy a bike and join them, but my experiences with them have NOT gone well! One time, I tried to learn on this little Honda 100 and I couldn’t straighten it out, so I ended up going around in a left handed circle. The bike was tilted so my right hand was giving it more gas. It kept going faster and faster in that circle until I finally bailed!! The bike kept going. I was in a cow pasture and they all started chasing me!

    My only other experience was when my brother asked me to move his bike from the front yard where he left it , into the backyard so it wouldn’t get stolen. Was a Triumph 650 , chopped. I thought I could move it the same as a bicycle, so put up the kickstand, let it lean towards me. Almost got crushed! Couldn’t hold up the weight once it was off balance and let it fall!!!! Boy, was he pissed!!

    Maybe a three Wheeler? Or does a sidecart keep them from tipping over? Big, tough Emma would be standing at the stoplight with her bike on the ground!!!

    God Bless these brave warriors!!!

  25. Does Altamont come to mind? Bikers for stupidity is more like it.
    Guys with tiny dicks need bikes, not real men.

    • We bikers don’t ride to compensate for our dicks, we ride to Compliment our DICK and BALLS! Why don’t you grow a pair and come out to join or face off? We stand for America! Anything else we don’t care about! You’re either in or you’re OUT! Now put up or shut up!

    • U are and idiot.u probably weren’t born at Altamont.i was there.in the front row.the black guy that got stabbed was provoking the bikers and they stabbed him with his own knife!!!

    • Tony if you search the files about Altamont Speedway you will find that the bikers were there to act as security for the Rolling Stones concert. And yes the situation turned violent. However the bikers that are attending mr. Trump rallies are there because they are patriotic Americans. We don’t want this election stolen from the American people by George Soros or anyone like him. You must understand that Americans will not be willing to share each other’s blood in another civil war. Just like we had in World War II we had loyal Japanese-American Citizens. What did Washington do they put those loyal Japanese Americans in a concentration camp is that what you want from Muslim Americans who are loyal to this country and would fight for this country just like the Japanese Americans comprising the 442nd regimental combat team that’s all more action in Europe than anyone ever imagined. Yes I agree with most of my American brothers and sisters there are Muslims in this country hell-bent on terrorism. But we will take care of them like we did saboteurs of the past. I am a former United States Marine of the Vietnam War. I will take up arms to fight anyone who tries to subjugate and hold down the American people and our dream of true freedom. The corruption and Washington why are so-called elected representatives is astonishing and it must stop we cannot clean house with another politician. Donald J Trump is the only answer to get our country back on its feet because for the last 8 years the American people have been on their knees. I don’t know what type of countrymen you are now but I hope and pray that you will see that your position in this 2016 election is wrong. You have a chance to join us and support Trump if you should choose to do so. Please do not let that opportunity pass you by. I am very proud of The Americans who have decided to take their bikes 2 Wisconsin I wish to God are able to do so butt that is not my case because I fight cancer now. I am thinking very strongly I’m going to Cleveland to help support my brothers on their bikes because they are and always will be good American men and women. May God grant us a victory that our country needs so badly Ted Cruz Bernie Sanders and the other guy from Ohio should not even be in this race. Don’t worry about meeting Hillary Clinton and it all out presidential election she will not prevail because I’m American lives are too precious to put in her hands. If you don’t believe me ask the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans that died alongside him. God Bless America and Semper Fidelis.

    GEORGE SOROS PAYS $16 per hour x 400 (conservative #) PROTESTERS = $6,400 per hour.
    DONALD TRUMP PAYS $0.00 per hour x 500 (for bikers conservative #) = $0.00
    Now who has the better business plan?

    Just proves Donald Trump is the right man for the job. Thanks to all the bikers for endorsing Mr Trump and keep him safe! GOD BLESS THE USA!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. A big thank you to all the American bikers. Am so excited and happy about this I can hardly type. Bravo to them.

  28. Those bikers are a wonderful sight to see. We are tired of the way this country is being ran it’s time to ” take back America”

  29. I love it !!! I wanna get a hog !! This made my day!! Bikers are true patriots !! bikers are f****** great

  30. Trump needs all the help we can give him. He’s not a politician, he’s a doer. His love of America to keep her safe and free is without question. He’s not beholden to the evil corruption taking place with our elitist government and media. He stands with the silent majority and deserves his chance to be heard. Our deeply felt thanks goes out to the Patriotic Bikers who are there for our beloved country.

  31. Off-topic there’s a great local group of bikers that show up at children’s homes and trials when they are testifiying against abusers. They show up in force and guard the child’s home and go with him/her to court so the s/he isn’t afraid. Bikers do some very good charity work.

  32. Good morning, all. This bit of news sure has made my day. Great for the bikers to make yet another major statement that Patriots support. And, they will be returning to Wisconsin where their Harleys were built. Maybe they can work in a H-D plant tour while in Wisconsin. I biked for 60 years. But, like a lot of things those days are gone for good. I have been to a couple of Patriot Guard supported military funerals and was very,very impressed. With the care, respect and consideration shown by these lads. God Bless America these patriotic bikers and Donald Trump.


  33. One word – AWESOME! And now imagine them all armed to the teeth… We WILL take America back!

  34. God love ’em!!!! True PATRIOTS!!!! I LOVE the 3 reasons the guy gave for them liking Trump!! islam, BORDERS, and VETS!!!! Doesn’t get any better than that!! I’ve gone from liking Cruz to NOT liking him. I’ve read things about him that have turned me off. One is the attorney for the deceased “DC Madam” has a list of former clients that he’s threatening to release. He has said releasing it would affect a presidential candidate. I wish he would release it. His campaign deposited $500.000 into Fiorina’s campaign, while she was still running. WHY? When she and Cruz were at a press conference, and Cruz was asked if he’d ever cheated on his wife, he didn’t immediately answer. Fiorina jumped in and more or less covered for him. When the police found Heidi Cruz sitting close to a highway in Texas, crying, with her head in her hands, maybe the reason is she’d just found out about his affairs. I don’t know, something just isn’t sitting right with me about him anymore. And, Amanda Carpenter, one of the named women, tweeted some things that were fishy to me.

    • and Cruz and Amanda Carpenter got temporary matching tattoos of Churchill. Sorry, don’t have the link.

      • A couple of Carpenter’s tweets that were suspicious; “it’s easy being with a married man”, “my associate I have worked late tonight. We’re going somewhere and enjoy one of his favorite things”, there was a picture of a slice of cheese on a plate. Then, I heard him say at some rally, his favorite food is CHEESE. The quotes might not be verbatim, but you get the idea. There were several more.

    • That is the problem, I agree,the ” fishiness”.
      If Cruz was man enough to just admit his failings, and show all is now changed, nobody could care less as we all make mistakes. But hiding them is the worst thing. Very ‘Clintonian’. It is the sign of a narcisstic personalty, Barry and Hillary are narcissists) as Narcissists cannot ever admit to having been wrong as that just does not fit their perfect characters in their own eyes ( or rather a false self they created along the way)
      Whatever Trump has or has not done, it is all out there and he is not pious and does not Bible bash.
      A big reason not to like Cruz in my view, is strangely, and I say this as a conservative Christian , is his dad’s beliefs!! He is a Christian dominionist. Scary stuff and they actually have a lot in common with islam as both sects believe in a domination of sorts.Also I heard there is a photo of Rafael Cruz with Castro out there, but I cannot confirm this. If so, Cruz would therefore be little better than Barry or Hillary in the end. I used to like him too ! Not as much as Trump, but maybe a VP..I no longer think that.

  35. If I was a little younger, and knew how to ride
    I would be a biker babe!
    This isn’t the first time they have showed their patriotism.
    When Obama shut down federal sites (to punish repubs) + vets couldn’t get in: they were there, to remove barricades.
    Also strongly stand up against the Muslims from hell.
    I love them♥

  36. you bloody beauty what a sight to see standing up for freedom try arguing with this lot Not to many democrat left wingers amongst this patriotic group probably a big percentage of Vets.Would be nice to see down under after the media bullshit about the racist banner at the AFL football game in Melbourne .What Race is Mosque to borrow one of Bonni s blogs

  37. I am totally impressed and thankful. God bless all those two wheeled heros with balls, soul and a love for the true America !!!!

  38. This is so beautiful …. I am humbled …. my silly jokes …. can’t do justice …. to this patriotism …. I’m speechless …. except, God Bless them …. and Trump …. and all the good people here at BNI …. Pamela Geller, Wild Bill, Bonni, the Canadian guy …. God Bless us all …. every one …. and all free people bless God ?

    • But Pamela is supporting Lyin Ted who is lobbyists Puppy.
      And he is getting support from Bush family , the same family who have been saudi puppies and did their bidding whenever they needed it.

      That also explains why Ted supported muslim immigration until he saw Trump gaining votes after saying he would ban muslims. And only Trump who cannot be bought by saudis dared to ask “why aren’t saudis , qataris taking the refugees “?

      Ted is no better than any other Politician…including Bernie who gets funding and support directly and indirectly from George soros who is betting against America as far as his investments are concerned.

      …….and he needs to make sure America goes down and then he can take down the dollar just as he and his cronies took down British Pound and made their Billions.

      Its far deeper a game and most folks don’t get it , including Trump , but he is getting in their way.

      Could he be assasinated if he is not careful ? Its Possible http://tinyurl.com/q2y247v

      …100’s of Billions are at stake if Trump wins , the wheelers and dealers, including the corrupt paid media will Lose.
      And they hate it like death.

      • I felt bad that I didn’t list more people …. the people in Europe and Australia …. for the future …. dittoes to all the freedom brothers and sisters ?

    • BIKERS FOR TRUMP! HIP, HIP, HOORAY FOR THEM AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS MR. DONALD J. TRUMP. I just hope that the ‘wonderful’ news media doesn’t spin this to try and make the anti-trump goonies and the ‘undecideds’ that because of this genuine support for peace is somehow a bad reflection on Mr. Trump? And if some stupid protester starts a conflict IT WILL BE MR. TRRUMPS FAULT?? He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t! Damn the media/punditss!