OBSCURE LEFTIST POLL claims “Muslims in America are loyal and model citizens”

“Muslim citizens are as American as apple pie,” a new poll says.


MIC.com  The survey, from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, shows that though Muslims living in America are facing more violence than ever, they are actually among America’s most model citizens. 

Well, in a land founded on religious freedom, Muslims are among the most religious and patriotic citizens: 42% of Muslims attend services regularly compared to 45% of Protestants. And 87% of Muslims say religion is important to their lives, compared to 94% of Protestants. 

London, UK. 24th January 2014. Abu Walaa, founder of Muslim Prisoners,holds a placard reading "Muslims reject democracy and secularism!" outside the Regents Park Mosque. © Piero Cruciatti/Alamy Live News

That Muslims would continue to show religious pride and attend service is a testament to their faith, especially when 2015 was the worst year for mosque attacks on record. 

When it comes to identifying as a patriot, 85% of Muslims “have a strong American identity,” just like 84% of Protestants.


They are also just as likely as other Americans to identify strongly with their faith — 89% of Muslims, 84% of Jews, and 95% of Catholics and Protestants shared the sentiment. (CRAP! Muslims are not allowed to be loyal to any country, just to Islam)


While Republican presidential candidates continue to discuss “radical Islamic terrorism” in debates, most American Muslims actually reject violence by a much higher margin than other groups.


Sixty-five percent of Muslims oppose the targeting and killing of civilians by military groups, much higher than other religious groups. Additionally, the survey found zero correlation between Muslim religious identity, mosque attendance and attitudes toward violence. 


Finally, even though more than half of Muslims report experiencing discrimination on the basis of their religion in the last year — compared to 5% of Jews, 4% of Catholics and 2% of Protestants — they are the most optimistic about the future of America.

Despite facing rampant Islamophobia, 63% of Muslims believe America is on the right track. (So, why do so many of them prefer to live under sharia law? See video below)