POETIC JUSTICE: Greek farmer whose farm was destroyed by hordes of Muslim invaders gets revenge

upl56fd0731e1a63A furious Greek farmer has ploughed his tractor through an area on his farm where hundreds of Syrian Muslim squatters had decided set up camp. Tensions between the expanding camp and the farmer reached boiling point yesterday when the elderly land owner decided to run his plough through the hundreds of illegal alien trespassers. 

9News  (h/t Mano) Footage shows the farmer ploughing through tents and belongings as he erratically swerves the heavy vehicle across his land.  Reddit users have been quick to lambast the refugees. “Greece has plenty of camps set up for the refugees. Yet they set up camps near the border of Macedonia,” said one user. “This guy’s livelihood depends on him getting his land ploughed and seeded.

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