UK: British Yankees fan gets into an explosive verbal altercation with Somali Muslim woman wearing a face-covering bag over her head in West London

32CD9D2800000578-3521516-image-m-22_1459694314810“My kids can’t even see your face. Are you a man or a woman?” asks the man who would do Donald Trump proud. The Muslim baghead posts footage of furious row with the man she calls a “racist” after he called her “Batman.” (Gotta love this guy!)

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Rob E) Ahlam Saed, 25, said the row flared up, in the Shepherd’s Bush store, after the man called her ‘Batman’ when she went in to buy some sweets wearing her full veil.Throughout the upsetting dispute, the man swears at Miss Saed and repeatedly asks ‘why do you wear that?’ referring to her face veil.

Miss Saed, who is of Somali heritage (Of course she is, Somalis are the most arrogant of welfare queens), said she heard the man humming the theme tune to the Bruce Wayne cartoon before saying to his two young daughters: ‘Look kids, Batman has walked in.’

She claims he added: ‘Say what you want girls, she won’t understand English anyway.’  It was at this point that Miss Saed decided to film the man with her phone (But no selfies of herself). In Miss Saed’s clip he is heard asking: ‘How do they know if you’re a man or a woman?’

Clearly upset, Miss Saed tells him to set a better example for his children. She replies: ‘You’re ignorant you need to grow up and stop teaching kids that [language].’  

At one point in the clip the man says: ‘I know a white girl who married a Muslim man and she has an ISIS flag on her back wall.’  After the man repeatedly orders Miss Saed to stop filming his children, the video ends with her being ushered out the store.