16-year-old Syrian Muslim girl, raised in Italy, tries to commit suicide after she was tricked by her parents into a forced marriage back in Syria with an abusive older man

arranged-marriageUntil she was 16, Amani lived the free and happy life of a typical modern girl growing up in Italy. When she realized she had been tricked by her parents into going back to Syria to enter into an arranged marriage with an older man, who was also her first cousin, she rebelled.

Amani spent 399 days in captivity, being beaten regularly by her intended husband. When she rejected him, her father found three other suitors willing to pay money for her and he tried to auction her off to the highest bidder. Finally, with the help of an uncle, she managed to escape Syria and return to Italy. She is an apostate now, having rejected the religion that nearly enslaved her for life.

h/t Vlad Tepesblog