ANDY of FLORIDA GUN SUPPLY makes it easy to jihadi-proof your world…when seconds count!


The Fast Draw Gun Magnet is the original gun magnet storage and retrieval device developed by Tactical Concealment Products. Our gun magnet is the only one of its kind to come with a Full Lifetime Warranty. It can hold more than 15 lbs. of virtually any kind of weapon you own.

Works with most Handguns, Rifles, & Shotguns including Stainless Steel, Titanium and other alloy firearms.


It will not harm your gun’s finish. It comes ready to mount with two industrial strength body-molded attachment points for fast and secure installation. Use it in your Home, Office, Boat, Car, Truck, RV, Gun Safe, or anywhere you may have the need for the Fast retrieval of your firearm. It is the ultimate in Fast Access and Concealment. 


The Ultimate Weapons Storage & Retrieval Device. “When Seconds Count”


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