German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Austria that many of the Muslim migrants she is importing are medical and engineering students, & aspiring professionals

European leaders claim that the so-called Muslim ‘refugee’ influx into Austria would boost the economy have been shattered with the news that only 0.9 percent of the ‘refugees’ have enrolled at higher educational institutions. The rest—barely educated and actually uneducable—live off state welfare handouts, the official figures showed.


New Observer  An article in the Austrian Kronen Zeitung newspaper used the statistics to launch a blistering attack on the liberal lies. It said that the Der Standard, Die Presse, and all Österreichischer Rundfunk (the Austrian public service broadcaster, ORF) newsrooms, had lauded the arrival of what they called “highly qualified refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq six months ago.

However, now that the largest wave of invaders had come, the Kronen Zeitung posed the question: “How many of the 88,151 asylum seekers and 22,875 asylum claimants had enrolled at universities to revive Austria’s economy and to secure its prosperity and pensions for the coming decades [as the liberal papers had promised]?”


It went on to reveal that the official figures now available showed that of the 111,026 Muslim invaders who had entered Austria since July 2015, exactly 100 had enrolled in any sort of higher education.

The article went on to discuss those handful of invaders who had arrived claiming to be already qualified by referring to the Hospital Association of Vienna (KAV) which reported that they had started using 13 employees from the 111,026 invaders—but only in what they called “shadow” positions. These “shadow” employees, the Kronen Zeitung pointed out, are only allowed to accompany their Austrian physician colleagues, and are forbidden from diagnosing or treating any patients.


“The path of certification is very long,” the KAV Directorate said in its official statement, going on to claim that “about 100” of the invaders were waiting for “recognition of their foreign diplomas.”

The Kronen Zeitung ended its report with a satirical comment: “Finally, the good news: Austria academics are now in fear of having their wages lowered due to new workforce competition from Afghanistan and Syria.”

The figures mean that almost all of the 111,026 Muslim invaders who have been officially registered in Austria are now living off the state, instead of contributing toward its financial well-being.


There is no reason to believe that the situation is different in any other European nation—meaning that instead of being an economic advantage, the invasion has actually just speeded up the economic collapse of the welfare state.

Delusional Angela Merkel (video below) thinks 1.5 million more Muslims entering Europe aren’t enough. She wants to recruit even more African and Balkan Muslims to fill positions as doctors and electrical engineers. Notice the stunned looks on the people listening to this.