LONDON: ‘Islamophobic’ dog attacks Muslim-looking woman because he “doesn’t like Muslims”

9Dog-owner Fiona Connolly has been fined £50 for calling a woman a “black bitch” after her Jack Russell ‘attacked’ the woman because the dog allegedly “does not like Muslims.”  

 UK Daily Mail The 43-year-old, from Kensington, London, was found guilty of racially (What ‘race’ is Islam?) aggravated harassment after her pet dog raced at Candice Legister and chewed at her dress in a park. As Legister tried to shake the animal off her, Connolly stated: ‘My dog doesn’t like Muslims.’

Fiona Connolly
Fiona Connolly

Senior District Judge Howard Riddle said Connolly ‘probably wasn’t racist in the normal sense of the word’, but said it was clear she made ‘racist’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) – “My dog does not like Muslims” comments. But he cleared her of religiously aggravated harassment in respect to the dog attack – despite being convinced that she had made the comment.

Judge Riddle said: ‘In the circumstances I am satisfied that she did say that my dog doesn’t like Muslims. Miss Legister, who says she is a Christian, said she thought Connolly had mistaken her long Maxi dress for Islamic clothing. During her trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Connolly denied being racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?)