ROME has its own version of Molenbeek (Muslim NO GO Zone in Brussels) from which the next Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist attack is likely to emanate

Cartón1573-e1451522580388The Muslim population has tripled in this part of Rome. There are more than 100 jihad planning centers in this small area,  posing as mosques or Islamic cultural associations. Hardly anyone speaks Italian there, most deny knowing anything about the recent Brussels terror attacks, nobody works, but none of them appear to be indigent or starving. There are areas like this all over Europe which mirror Molenbeek’s demography and attitudes. This area is in Rome. But there are clearly hundreds more. 


PoliticallyShort  The Islamic State terrorist organization known as ISIS first outlined their strategy to attack the West in a 99-page manifesto issued in January of 2015 under the title of “Black Flags from Rome.” ISIS states that their strategy in the West is to do “hit and run tactics and then go into hiding in order to waste millions and billions of dollars on police while shutting down major cities.”

The manifesto further notes that, “once the media attention dies down, the Islamic State will tell another ‘Sleeper Cell’ to carry out another attack again.” Their reason being that “this will put the police on high alert again, forcing them to shut the entire city down again, causing the [economic] loss of billions, so the people of Europe will realize that there is a constant war in their country, they will not feel safe.”


As John Schindler of the Observer notes, “the game changer [for Europe] was last November’s horrific attacks in Paris, the bloodiest events on French soil since the Second World War.” The Paris attacks “turned out to have a significant Belgian footprint, with several of the attackers linked to Molenbeek, a notorious Brussels suburb that’s half-Muslim and known to authorities as a hotbed of radicalism.

For the police, Molenbeek has been a no-go area of sorts for years, leaving jihadists free rein to raise funds, collect arms, and plot mayhem elsewhere,” writes Schindler. (See video below for the same kind of no-go areas in Rome)


In short, Europe is now reaping what they have sown as Europe itself has imported a major threat into its countries based upon the utopian liberal policies of multiculturalism, open borders, and an unwillingness to address the underlying religious cause of jihad. 

It is due to the unholy alliance between the modern day leaders of the left and Islam itself that is to blame for the war like conditions in which Europe is currently living under. This utopian agenda of the left is being exploited by jihadist sympathizing European Muslims as they have begun to ally with Left-wing activists in order to pave the way for what ISIS has calls the “conquest of Rome.”

INN  Rome is on the crosshairs of ISIS and thinks that grovelling will keep it safe. Of the four capitals of the ancient Roman Empire (Rome, Carthage, Alexandria, Antioch), only the first still belongs to the West. Islam has canceled out all the rest. That is why in Jihadist published material, Italy is still a target for conversion.


In Isis propaganda, the black flag of the Caliphate waves over the Vatican, and the Colosseum is in flames. In 2004, Osama Bin Laden gave a speech on “The new Rome,” and in the footsteps of the brave Pope Benedict’s Islamic speech at Regensburg University Al Qaeda proclaimed: “Muslims will conquer Rome as they conquered Constantinople”.

Yusuf al Qaradawi, the guru of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: “Constantinople was conquered, but there remains the second part of the prophecy, that is the conquest of Rome”

These days, Italian leaders are giving reasons for Islamic fanaticism to hope that day is now closer than ever. “In April I will be in Teheran”, announced Italian PM Matteo Renzi

Nude statues in Rome were covered with boxes during Iranian leader's visit
Nude statues in Rome were covered with boxes during Iranian leader’s visit

Meanwhile, Italy is bowing to Islamic regimes. See the photos taken in Rome’s Capitoline Museums, a famous repository of Western antiquities. After the government of Italy called for “respect” for the sensibilities of Rouhani, the museum placed large boxes over several nude sculptures.

A few weeks before that, PM Renzi went to Saudi Arabia to sign important contracts even with that Islamic regime. He didn’t denounce the Saudi imprisonment of Raif Badawi, the blogger condemned to flogging for his criticism of Islam.

Pope Francis kisses feet of Muslims
Pope Francis kisses feet of Muslims

The president of Italian Parliament, Laura Boldrini, visited the Grand Mosque of Rome without hiding her joy. “I hope that the Italians know how to distinguish between Islam and ISIS”, said Boldrini wearing a hijab. A veiled Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union’s foreign policy, went to Tehran to meet the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, Debora Serracchiani, did the same during her institutional mission to Tehran.

Mrs. Boldrini recently invited the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Sayed al Tayeb, for a lecture in Italy’s Parliament about “Islam: Religion of Peace”.

Muslims turn Coliseum in Rome into an open air mosque
Muslims turn Coliseum in Rome into an open air mosque

Former Italian MPs are also very busy in Europe lobbying for a “European Islam”. A few days ago, Italy’s former foreign minister, Massimo D’Alema, coauthored an article with Tariq Ramadan in Belgium’s daily newspaper Le Soir. In the article, D’Alema compared “Islamophobia” with “Islamic extremism” and called for a more multicultural Europe. Both defined Islam as “a European religion”.

Italy’s government is also running away from its political and military responsibility against the Islamic State. Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti ruled out Italy partaking in action against ISIS.


Today, Italy is the soft underbelly of Europe. Next time that Iranian and Arab leaders visit Rome, maybe my government, again out of “respect their culture and sensitivity”, will withdraw all the copies of “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie from the bookshops. It could be an unberarable sight for the Iranian ayatollahs, who condemned the author to death and just raised the bounty over his head. 

Rome is now experiencing the most ridiculous and grotesque subjugation. When will Italy’s government will issue an apology to the Talibans for having condemned their demolition of the great Buddhas of Bamyan?