INDIANA: Muslim student from ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ is getting harassed for supporting terrorism. It’s about time!

 imagesPayback’s a bitch, isn’t it? A Muslim IUPUI student who is a member of a radical Palestinian intifada student group says she’s being repeatedly “harassed and falsely accused of supporting terrorism.”


WISH TV  The INDIANA UNIVERSITY-PURDUE UNIVERSITY INDIANAPOLIS student, who asked only to be referred to as Haneen, is a board member of Students for Justice in Palestine (HAMAS ON CAMPUS). She declined an on camera interview with 24-Hour News 8, saying she fears for her safety.


Police are trying to figure out who is making the blog posts, posters and phone calls about the student.

Hamas-on-Campus HOC

Haneen and other SJP members gathered on campus for a conference Sunday and found posters accusing Haneen of supporting terrorism and the Intifada (mass indiscriminate killing of innocent Israeli civilians). Group members said they also found anonymous blog posts with similar accusations. Haneen said she’s been receiving harassing phone calls this week.


“We are not terrorists (Yes, you are, you support Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the PA terrorist groups dedicated to the destruction of Israel). Jamal and other campus activists are asking school leaders to publicly condemn the harassment of Haneen.


SJPIUPUI  In a series of anonymous blog posts and posters found on campus, textbook examples of islamophobia, racism, and misogyny have been used to launch an attack against Haneen:

• They’ve stereotyped her as an advocate and coordinator of terrorism
• They’ve engaged in sexist and diminishing rhetoric, attacking her appearance, including her “drawn-in eyebrows and overdone makeup”
• They’ve misrepresented her passionate solidarity with other political movements like Black Lives Matter, by saying that like them she is “prone to outbreaks of violence”


The online bullying served as only a precursor to the additional harassing phone calls making her home of IUPUI not only unwelcoming, but unsafe as well.

• The verbal assaults belittling Haneen’s appearance as a woman not only threaten her; they make the campus unsafe for all women.
• Remaining silent in the face of such blatant sexism gives tacit consent to a culture of sexual assault.
• Mischaracterizing individuals who take direct action in the movement for black lives as “prone to violence” is lockstep with other efforts of anti-blackness. Remaining silent gives tacit communal consent to the acceptability of such practices and contributes to a culture of racism.
• In a highly charged political environment, accusations that Haneen supports terrorism is an Islamophobic attack against all Muslims. Remaining silent gives tacit communal consent to the acceptability of these comments as a form of public discourse and creates an unsafe campus for all.