AUSTRALIA: Islamic State (ISIS) message carved into head of Australian soldier by cell mate who is an ISIS supporter

The message “E4E” stands for an ‘Eye for an Eye’. The maximum security Muslim inmate Bourhan Hraichie, 18, attacked the minimum security former soldier with a coaxial cable in their shared cell before choking him with it. He then poured boiling water over his face, broke his sternum and carved the ISIS slogan into the front and back of his head.

Maximum security Muslim inmate Bourhan Hraichie
Maximum security Muslim inmate Bourhan Hraichie

AU News (h/t Mano)  The soldier is fighting for his life after the brutal attack. The former Toowoomba-based soldier was rushed to the Port Macquarie Base Hospital and put in an induced coma, believed to have suffered a broken sternum and severe wounds to his neck, head and face.

It is not known why this dangerous inmate was placed in that particular cell. NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin has since told media that Hraichie should have been in a high-risk management correctional centre and not sharing a cell with the low security inmate. “I am appalled that these two inmates were placed in the same cell.

The alleged attack on the former soldier was committed at the Mid North Correction Centre near Kempsey
The attack on the former soldier was committed at the Mid North Correction Centre near Kempsey

NSW Opposition MP Guy Zangari also described the prison’s mistake as shocking. “Management has placed the life of this minimum security inmate at risk by placing him in with this maximum security inmate,” he said. The brutal attack comes after Corrective Services has denied for close to 12 months there had been any issue around extremism in NSW prisons.

The teenage attacker reportedly had a hand-drawn ISIS flag inside his cell and had been previously caught sending images of beheadings to other extremists serving time at Goulburn’s Supermax. The attack came after a Sunday Telegraph report that IS supporters threatened to behead NSW Corrective Services staff and inmates who do not convert to radical Islam inside jails.