Muslim chef prepared food after wiping his ass with his bare hands as he doesn’t use toilet paper for Islamic ‘cultural reasons’

water spirit3Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia. When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet. ‘He did not use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was faecal matter.’

Mahbub Chowdhury appearing at Swindon Magistrates Court.

Mahbub Chowdhury appearing at Swindon Magistrates Court. The chef was found to have a filthy bottle covered in ‘faecal matter’ at the takeaway, which he ran out of a rented kitchen at the Nine Elms pub

UK Daily Mail (h/t Liz)  Chowdhury prepared meat and fish curries at the takeaway, which was run out of a rented kitchen at the Nine Elms pub. The chef, who no longer works at the takeaway, pleaded guilty to ten counts of breaching food hygiene regulations at Swindon Magistrates Court.

He was fined more than £5,000 last year for ten similar offences relating to food hygiene. (And he was still allowed to work there?)

[An Islamic Squatting Style Toilet, with Water Jug]

An Islamic Squatting Style Toilet, with Water Jug

Rosie Heath, prosecuting, said environmental health officers who visited the business in May last year found ‘very poor standards of hygiene’. She said: ‘In the kitchen under the double sinks [they] found an empty plastic milk bottle which was extremely dirty and was covered with brown fingerprints.

‘When asked, Mr Chowdhury explained he filled the bottle with water from the kitchen taps and used it to clean his bottom after visiting the toilet. Chowdhury will be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court. 

In Islam, there are a set of practices laid out regarding toilet etiquette. Although they are not compulsory, many devout Muslims follow the teachings. The Islamic Qadaa’ al-Haajah code states that “A man should not touch his private parts with the righthand, only his left. The Islamic prophet Muhammad specified that one should use an even number of stones to clean the anal orifice after defecation and then proceed to a different location to wash it with water.” — Wiki


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  1. Wiping without toilet paper is a cultural thing, and only an uncivilized culture of pedophiles, rapists and terrorists would believe in such an disgusting practice!!

  2. From England. We Need modernisation. At our workplace we have been using the Same Lucozade bottle for the Last 2 years still going strong

  3. Thank goodness for that Muslim chef. He has publicised Muslim toilet habits and deterred hundreds of people from eating in Muslim establishments.

    • Couldnt have said it better myself!
      May Mecca be leveled by long-range nukes,turn that and Medina into bloody sheets of fucking glass.Cheers from Florida,USA.

  4. Is that why BO signs all papers,pertaining to the USA, with his LEFT HAND? It’s a special insult to us Americans, because he probably just used that long,Black Left-hand to cleanse his orifice. Once the US was so clean, diseases had been eradicated, & now, we’re importing the filth of the world.

  5. That was his defence. This is not cultural There is no documentation in the Quran about not using toilet paper. Before toitet paper was invented, people used leaves before washing themselves. Every restaurant have nasty workers. Ever looked at Restaurant Makeover in the United States. Unbelievable nasty. What do you think hot dog sellers do when they want to pee. Use a bottle right there. No place to wash their hands And the trucks with the fancy meals. No toilets in those trucks. So think again before you make your fast food purchase.

    • You have made legitimate points Sarah,
      The problem with them is that this man DID have the facilities to wash his hands in and with.
      The article was wholly about this one person who defied the basic rules of hygiene when he could easily have not done so.
      It does NOT mention or compare to any other time or person — just this one filthy old man.

    • Of course there isn’t any mention about toilet paper in the Koran. wasn’t invented until 1880s….n indoctrination there are no south paws…cause they also use left hand to wipe arse

  6. Just another reason to never go to a muslim doctor or get prescriptions from any pharmacy that employs muslims in any capacity. These “people” are infiltrating so many places and jobs that they should never be considered for even rudimentary training. It is truly sickening in many ways!

  7. Some years ago I narrowly averted some workplace violence in my workshop when my Zulu assistant found out that the Indian mechanic (Muslim) had been using the assistant’s coffee cup for his ablutions.

    • Had same problem with pakistani at work years back. A bucket in the kitchen that was used to store rice he used to wash his ass and meekly put it back without cleaning it.

  8. Sunnah of Going to the Bathroom (Toilet):

    “Everyone needs to go to answer the call of nature. All creatures also need to relieve themselves; however, the Muslims have been given the best etiquettes for relieving oneself. In Paradise we will not have to relieve ourselves. Instead we will perspire and even the perspiration will be beautifully scented like musk. Subhanallah! However, in this temporary world we all need to relieve ourselves. Many people suffer from illnesses and find it very difficult to control themselves and when going to relieve one’s self it is very difficult. May Allah (The Exalted) free them from their illnesses, Ameen. Islam being a complete way of life has given us etiquettes and manners of even going to the toilet, we find that Islam has not left any stone unturned. We should follow Islam as much as possible and gain benefits and rewards. Let us learn some Sunnahs regarding the manners of going to the toilet.”

    • You know when you are in an evil cult when they control every matter of your life including how to go to the toilet.

      This man is holy. He beats up his 9 year old wife and wipes his ass the right way. Allah the antichrist is well pleased.

    • What beats me is how on earth (or in Paradise 🙂 ) you can possibly believe all that you have written.
      To believe that a man who was a murdering,sex crazed paedophile. who wrote of killing non Muslims simply because they were non Muslims, also wrote of a paradise such as you describe.
      As this bloke was said to exist hundred’s of years ago, I reckon two people must have written your Koran. First of all the depraved paedophile who wrote all of the gory things you as a Muslim are meant to do to a non believer, all the hatred,all the scorn & all the horrific descriptive lines, sick things with animals and young children. I would go as far as to say he was a sex addict of his time. It seems he condoned having sexual relations with just about anything that moved — & actually gave this a tick of approval. Just the thought of having him as a prophet a bloke whose evil writings are part of a book that is intended to be ‘holy’. It creeps me out tryig to imagine so much pornagraphy in one little nook.
      The description of your paradise had to be written by a woman. A woman who wanted to add some romance to the gruesomeness. She would have promised you guys the big heap of virgins and any other ‘rewards’ you get for living a life jam packed with hatred.
      To conclude I will repeat my own interpretation — there was a Mohammed and a Mohammodess. One male one female. 🙂

  9. UK Slang diarrhoea = Calcutta Splutter
    USA Slang diarrhoea = Montezuma’s Revenge

    I ate at your restaurant. Within two hours, I was on the bog.

    Fiery hot streams of diarrhoea erupted from my arse like a dragon breathing fire and brimstone. I could feel lettuce and undigested food chunks being shot out of my rear while scraping the rim of my tortured sphincter, only to plop into the bowl with a resounding splash that soaked my arse and ran over the edge of the bowl between the seat.

    I could feel The sticky, runny diarrhoea clinging to my arse hairs like chocolate covered sprouts. Then I felt my stomach lunge. Oh no! I tried to flush the toilet but missed the handle in my haste and was forced to vomit into the unflushed bowl. Bits of lumpy shit and food splashed back into my face as I emptied the contents of my agonized, convulsing stomach.

    The smell of Diarrhoea made me sicker. When I blew my nose, food chunks caught in the back of my throat shot into the Kleenex — corn, more lettuce and what looked like a piece of shrimp.

    I began to wipe my arse, intermittently stopping to shit again. I couldn’t move. Finally, I was done. I wiped and wiped, half a roll of toilet paper gone, my arsehole glowing red like a baboon’s from the chafing. There were blood splotches on the paper. I used two washcloths to clean my arsehairs, hopelessly caked as they were with quick drying faeces.

    I hobbled into the shower, gritting my teeth as the hot water stung my sore and chafed arse. I felt the stream cleanse me, breaking up the hardening crust between my arse cheeks that had soldified like quick drying cement.

    Soon I’m out of the shower, gritting my teeth as I dry off. Tasting puke and smelling shit, I wobble. Gingerly, I rub some cream on my raw arsehole and gingerly put on my boxers.

    I feel a fart coming on, and gently, gently begin to release it. But the fart takes on a life of its own and explodes, spattering my underwear with a resounding slap and runs down both legs.

    Defeated, I remove my soiled boxers and throw them out the window into the parking lot below, hoping that they’ll hit some poor slob in the head.

    I sit on the toilet, beginning the process anew.

  10. Just got done reading all your posts, Bonni. Blood pressure up and down. We will NEVER understand the ignorance, and HYPOCRISY, of the left. What my Grandma used to say about God being the only One who can change a person’s mind, kept going through MY mind, as I was reading. It’s so frustrating to not be able to DO something!! But changing someone’s mind is something we just can’t do!! Sure wish we could!!

  11. But, I thought that Islam brought cleanliness into Europe, that is what we are being told by leftie wimpy professors. Only the other day on British TV, a leftie professor spoke about the wonders of the Islamic civilisation and he added that Islam brought cleanliness. In fact, he also said that the Islamic civilisation was more advanced that the Greek civilisation. Of course the stupid uneducated Brits believe him.

  12. Marstar, what makes you think each Muslim has an individual SOUL? If they did, then they would demonstrate Right Values; Right Speech; Right Modes of Living; Right Thinking; Right Expression; Right Conduct; Right Effort; Right Rapture and True Happiness in their day to day activities. These are attributes of the human soul. But they all act the SAME, just like rabbits, deer, geese, cattle and every other kind of beast. Example: All rabbits live and act the same, the world over. Because they are guided by an OVER-SOUL. In the case of Islam, their over soul happens to be dark, evil, wicked and savage.

    They as individuals don’t strive towards higher spiritual achievement. Basically they are useless, murderous vermin, who need to be exterminated.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I believe we all are born with a soul. The question then becomes who you give it to?

      Those who are happy, kind and giving radiate a soul (though I am small c Catholich) everyone has the opportunity to be in heaven with Jesus.

      Those practice evil and believe in darkness, which sadly is the Quran and Islam have clearly given their soul to Satan (thinking it was god). Notice how those who practice Islam and committ terrorist attacks have dead soulless eyes.

      God instructs us to love our neighbour so we may receive his mercy and accept his sacrifice to have eternal life.
      Satan instructs us to kill, enslave or convert our infidel neighbour so our sexual depravity can be fulfilled in his eternal brothel. Women not welcome, the ones that do get in can watch and stfu

    • Finally Tom.
      Innocent as an angel, shrewd as a snake. We love our enemy but we also love and protect our brothers and sisters.
      Judgement is Jesus’ only (praise be to our lord). Our role is to fearlessly speak the truth in his name and protect our brothers from evil. Like Peter the rock, I have failed….forgive me.

      It’s funny Tom. I hear of so many Muslims converting to Christianity because Jesus revealed himself to them. Darn I’m envious.
      Nonetheless as Christians who read the bible, we also know of Satan and the false prophet deceiving humanity.
      Reading the Quran, it’s a 100% slam dunk. Allah is Satan, moreHam is a demonic posed false prophet. I was shocked at how transparent this evil is, expecting it to be far more subtle and conniving which almost fooled me to believing it wasn’t true.
      When you look at the stupid Europeans and leftys falling for and protecting this blatant and explicit evil ideology you can’t say to God, sorry Satan was too sophisticated for my low IQ.

      • Mar, you are right about the Brits being dumbed down. When a nation has no foundation to build on, it is like the scripture in the Bible that speaks of “building your house on the sand”
        All it can do is shift with the tide, crumble and fall. Truly long sad days ahead because either way they will have to succumb to the vile Muslims or have civil war to get them out. And obviously the Muslims have no place to go so they will fight to stay. It’s a lose lose situation. And the totally screwed up leadership there is worse than useless.

      • Peter was a STONE, JESUS is the ROCK!! RC has perverted this. Would GOD build HIS church on a FALLIBLE, SINFUL, HUMAN?? Think about it!!

  13. They must have quite the conundrum if they have to choose between which hand gets amputated for thievery under Sharia. What to do,the shit wipe hand or the hand that feeds you?

    • It is the custom to chop off a thief’s right hand, so that he will starve to death, since they are raised NEVER to use the left hand to eat with.

      And if he doesn’t starve, he is reduced to begging and the mercy of family and friends.

      What I do not understand is this:

      They can invent bombs and weapons of mass destruction, but they cannot invent toilet paper?

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

      When I was younger, I had to work in Egypt for a while, and I was warned to make sure I brought TP with me, since it is so hard to obtain, except in the American and European sections, and then it is exorbitantly priced (almost $2.00 a ROLL) and not to use the locally produced stuff unless I LIKED the feel of sandpaper on my ass.

      I brought 12 rolls with me to make sure I had enough to last the 4 weeks I was going to be there, just in case I caught diarrhea from the food there.

      They truly are nasty, and I am sorry, but any culture that cannot practice proper hygiene and sanitation sure as hell ain’t fit to rule the world.

  14. This does not surprise me – I have stopped trying to work out the depths of stupidity and depravity these assholes will sink to.

  15. I am a health inspector in Spain and almost fainted upon reading this. According to EU regulations, all Food handlers must receive training in food safety. Hand washing after doing your business is ABC. Again, muzzies put their law above the law of the country they live in.

    • Because they believe in sharia law.
      They will use free speech to destroy free speech. Use democracy to destroy democracy and force sharia law above government laws.

      Islam is not a religion but a fascist totalitarian ideology to enslave

    • The Muslims DO NOT go anywhere to get along, they Only come to take over and force their ugly life style on their hosts. The entire world is a mess because of Islam, and the ignorant socialist handlers…. I think I hate the evil soros, b o and msm above all else.

  16. On a different track they have found a painting worth $170 mil. in a French attic of the biblical heroine Judith beheading an Assyrian general named Holfernes who thought he was going to ‘do all right’ with the Jewish beauty.
    She visited his room and waited until he fell asleep in a drunken state then cuts his head off.
    A jew beheading a muslim.
    No wonder the price tag.

  17. Thank Christ I never ate food at a Muzzie restaurant, let alone walk into one.
    Bet the whole place smells like piss and turds, one can only imagine the taste of the food.

  18. Gross. Just when you think that they couldn’t get any more disgusting or worse, they seem to prove you wrong. I want to know why they hired him in the first to prepared food or at least fired him at lot sooner. They seem to always let these filth off the hook no matter what they do.

  19. there is a good word to describe muslimes, slime. I know there are a whole lot more, but with this story, its the first one that comes to mind. This is discusting . I wonder if the people that have eaten at this establishment can sue. uck!!!!

  20. It would have been better hygiene …. if he washed his hands in his own urine …. I love resourceful people …. but, there are limits …. but, this is the kind stuff which will sink Islam …. if the terror doesn’t ?

    • I hope so but I don’t know, Lincoln. Wild-eyed imans with spittle in their ugly beards have been yammering on about the medicinal wonders of camel piss and the like for 14 centuries – and continue to do so. It’s a little discouraging sometimes.

  21. That Muslim toilet has toilet paper. This is haram and bidah.

    When traveling through the Malaysian country make sure you bring your own tissues with you to avoid disappointment.

    All the vivid OCD practices Muslims go through assists with the brainwashing. Poor bastards giving their life and soul to satan.

  22. A bear in the woods has better hygiene than any cockroach muslim; so take all muslims to Alaskan wilderness and feed them to grizzly bears. Sharks can digest anything so feeding muslims to sharks is good too. ~ Death to camel anthrax islam !

  23. The only surprises here are the dhimmi local authorities finding Chowdhury’s cultural hygiene practices worth criticizing and the local dhimmi press finding it press-worthy. Now, what’s up with those even-numbered ass-wipe stones?

  24. Is there a better word than nasty for Muslims. I personally like evil because my book tells me to hate evil and love good, and isslime is the single greatest EVIL on the entire planet.