INDIANA: There are at least 20 idiots in Franklin who want to advertise their support for America’s enemies

proxyAt David Carlson’s home, a new yard sign states “We Stand with American Muslims.” “I look at the sign every time I leave my house and every time I come home,” he said. For the Franklin College professor (figures), it’s a reminder to support all peaceful religions represented in the community. (But Islam does not represent peace)


WISH TV  More than 20 of the signs have already been sold across the central Indiana and more have been ordered. “People are putting these yard signs and making a statement, and that is we stand with American Muslims,” he said.

Carlson gives lectures on the negative messages terrorists use to recruit American Muslims, especially after major terrorist acts. “What ISIS will then put out on their social media is ‘Muslims in the West, you will never be welcome there, you need to come back here,’” he said.


He said sharing messages of support is the one of the best grassroots ways Americans can fight terrorists.

“One of the things that we could do to thwart ISIS efforts is let Muslims know they are welcome in our society, that they are part of the American experience, and we want them to be here,” Carlson said. (Most people don’t)

“When you see the support come together like that, it’s really nice to see,” Franklin Resident Musa Akermawi said.


Akermawi happened to be working at the Franklin UPS store when Carlson had the signs printed. “When I saw them, they caught my eye because I’m a Muslim and it said we stand with Muslims,” he said.

He was curious to see who would be picking the signs up from the store.

“When I met David, he explained them to me and it was pretty amazing to see it honestly,” he said, “He was talking about the solidarity between religions is really important.”


He said he took a picture of the signs and sent it to his parents. “It’s good because it’s a positive message and in times like this, we need positive messages,” Akermawi said.

The Shoulder2Shoulder group is selling more signs and they are also planning to start making wrist bands.

The signs are $15 which covers the cost of making the sign with $2 left over for future educational programs.