Designated Terrorist Group CAIR hosts “Mooooselum Day” at the Iowa State Capital

635960687529485818-Mohamad-Khan-and-grandson-Ibrahim-BenedictLast Tuesday was Muslim Supremacist Day at the Iowa Capitol where Muslims tried to share halal food and deceitful conversation with the unsuspecting public as well as some ignorant- about-Islam Iowa legislators.

Des Moines Register  “This is just to let our neighbors know who we are (but not what our real intentions are). That we are part of American society (for now, until we can turn America into an Islamic hellhole) and that we are citizens and professionals and workers (but mostly we are welfare-dependent). We are (not) just like everyone else (nor do we want to be),” said Mohamad Khan (photo above), president of the Muslim Community Organization of Des Moines.

Gov. Terry Branstad declared the day "Muslim Recognition Day"
Dhimmi Gov. Terry Branstad signs proclamation for “Muslim Recognition Day”

Gov. Terry Branstad is known to have a longstanding tie with the state’s Muslim community, and honored the third annual event by signing a proclamation declaring the date as “Muslim Recognition Day” in Iowa (despite the fact that Muslims comprise only 0.2143% of the population in Iowa).


“The motto of the great state of Iowa, ‘Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain,’ amuses Americans of Muslim faith, in our community, who articulate mock the responsibilities of patriotism (Muslims are not allowed to be loyal to a country, only to their faith), and encourages participation in the duties of citizenship.”(The Muslim idea of duties of citizenship only applies to whatever they can get away with for their religion, which is contrary to everything American)

Khan said there are seven mosques in the Des Moines area and other mosques in other cities throughout Iowa . Cedar Rapids is home to the Mother Mosque of North America, completed in 1934, which is the oldest purpose-built mosque in the United States.